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Friday, August 27, 2010

Links to your site

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Links to your site 
 H i friends their is a news few great persons were interested to build shrines for lord Allahu at New york is right. but they think in this way .To How many people in need of food for one time in the world to them they  can feed ,also they start educational centers at free  to study .

We here not to forget Lord Allahu is the universal ,omnipresent and omnipotent so constructing any number of churches ,mosques,temples is not the expectation of Lord is to be understood. why you try to fix lord in one space. It is not possible. Please to understand Lord Allahu is known as ya vakilu so he is justifier and he knows. He prevails in all in the earth is to be understood. Why i tell this I had a good experience from Lord allahu .

similarly some time back there is comment about Mr.Barack obama belongs to Islam .we expects and God send him on the earth to care people . whether he belongs to christian,Islam,Hindu etc were not at all necessary. We should be proud that he is with us and Lord has given him a chance to save human community . This is a great gift to him and the senators with him at this moment.
Love jks.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love banking and finance lifestyle

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now a days banks are also taking a part in out lives by funding via credit card with many features and benefits in our lifestyle.banks play vital role in life style and at festival times.buy gifts for your loved ones today and you can pay in parts.for example S B I (STATE BANK OF INDIA) offers you to spend Rs.2500/- or more and pay back in easy EMIs 6,12 &24 month flexipay options available.to convert your purchases to flexipay,you can call the bank help line number 1800 180 1290 with in ten days of purchase. the products and services offered under various programmed are at the sole responsibility of the participating merchants and customers.bank do not have any role whatsoever in this regard is also to be noted as a safety alert. Love banking and finance.please feel free to call me by adding your comments.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

love beach resorts

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Hi , Please add me to your Friends list so we can love friendship and stay connected. This is completely free. News on this blogspot offering matters and sites will enable your savings and income. This is the latest information letting you know, Love The finger Beach .
there are ennumber of beach resorts on the earth.The endless beaches,of course.Then the casinos by night.Though no one cares for your privacy at times.  This beach is very near to mainstreet in Punta del  Este , close to a surf spot. this very famous beach because of the models and famous people that goes there. so you also go their and have a delightful holidays with your family.
Thank you for your visit. I will Post my next post ready for your next visit which in turn result in your savings and income.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

love internet marketing security

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Hi my dear viewer’s here I would like to post a message with the latest information about Internet marketing articles. Why an article said to be important? AS we all know that an article carries not only the important message but the entire information about a matter revealed in many angles. So whenever we need any information about anything in this fast world today we rush to Internet and open an article about it to gather or for clarification. Internet is offering many platforms to get start with a blog by any body at any point of time. Because the blog in which a blogger is posting his views, thoughts, information's, data, for the usage in the future. In addition to that Internet articles are most valued because Internet article sparing a space to blog messages. On date Internet is the best area for marketing any product/matter/things. In this advertisement via blog posts carry a good attraction. You also can start your blog can write articles about this Internet marketing articles or can write matters you know profoundly as articles in your Blog ,which will be viewed by many on this Internet marketing articles. Even if you are a owner of a product, matter, you can write about it as an article and publish in your blog, in turn you can find the same on internet. Many Internet marketing articles are opened by many people, for information and to react in marketing, in which you article will also viewed by them. This is a best opportunity in internet marketing articles. So please do not miss this.love secret internet marketing security. To make use of this opportunity Please visit http://www.articlecity.info/Internet-Marketing/ .The Girl with the Dragon TattooKindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite, 3G Works Globally - Latest GenerationThe SuburbsFood, Inc.A Little Death In Dixie

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secret of life

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hi my dear viewer's here is the message about Personal Care. Yes, your personal care is most important in your quality of Life.
Maintain water levels in body by drinking several glasses of water a day.
Maintain proper oral hygiene Teeth brushing,flossing,periodic visit to dentist and hygienist. Flossing is important in removing rotting food debris and bacterial plaque from between the teeth.Dentures should be properly cleaned.
right before bedtime with an effective mouth wash such as chlorhexidine,Zinc gluconate chlorine dioxide,is a  common method to reduce bad odor. use Mouth wahser's to Gargle But with a consultation from dentist.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


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Hello my dear viewer's and friends, thank you for your visits. Please continue your visits. Here this is the information about Thrivalluvar. He was the great Poet who wrote Thirukural, in which he emphasized all matters with clarity and clear cut advice to people to live comfortably on the earth. Owwaiyar is also a great poet lived in the same time but she had the grace of Lord Pillayar/Vinayaga/Ganapathy. When ever she prayed Lord Ganesa never failed to come in front of her to fulfill her need. She never demanded anything from the material world. Both Thrivalluvar and Owwaiyar live in the same period. She had a command in all respect at all king courts /Palace. She never took any reward/gift from any king/ruler. She had high Honour.when Thrivalluvar wanted to stage Thirukural at Madurai Tamil sangam/Forum, he could not. The leading poets and commanding poets with rulers court were denied to agree and approve Thirukural.Their is also a message that Thirukural being not accepted by these poet because Thrivalluvar belongs to Buddhism, and he is a Buddhist. At this situation Thrivalluvar was walking all the way in the street with great sorrow .Same time in the same street Owwaiyar the great poet of that time is also happened to walk in the same street, so she saw the sorrowful face of Thrivalluvar and questioned him, what is the reason for his sorrow.Thiruvalluvar replied about the non acceptance of Thirukural in the Madurai Tamil sangam/Madurai Tamil forum. Owwaiyar immediately turned to the court of the king. The king also did not responded and tried to avoid Owwaiyar by closing the doors of his court. Owwaiyar recited a poem and the doors were broken in to pieces. The king was shocked to see this and immediately rush her and asked the poets to accept the Thirukkural.But again the poets neglected. The situation aggravated Owwaiyar feelings and she called all poets and the king to the Tank in front of the Meenakshi chokkanathar shrine.Owwaiyar threw the Thirukural in to the Temple Tank with a great challange.Their she called the attention of the Lord to come out in the Golden Lotus with the Thirukural, for that again she recited a Poem to draw the attention of The Lord, Immidiately The Lord Brought out the Golden Lotus above the water in that Tank. Everybody including the King saluted, obeyed Owwaiyar and accepted Thirukural as one among the great poems in Tamil, also The king and the poets offered a warm welcome to Owwaiyar and Thrivalluvar to the King Court. This is not a story or epic but it has happened few centuries ago at Madurai in Tamilnadu in India. This is the Back Ground of the great monument Thirukural from Thrivalluvar.
Recent news, in India at Karnataka state the Government and people were much interested to open a statue of Thrivalluvar in the state to pay their respect. This is a great moment by Karnataka people. Well done. As Tamilians in India we have all rights to pay our respect to Karnataka government and her people.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

love kiss

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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. 
I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. News on this blogspot offering matters and sites will enable your savings and income. This is the latest information letting you know,"love Kiss"-immense Love . yes ,the fourth batch of dongmyeong unit soldiers bid fair well to their sons and daughters at a ceremony held in Gwangju.they go lebanon on a united Nations Peacekeeping mission.
here we have to note two. one is the soldiers are expressing their happy with their children.second to have the same soldiers must maintain line of control in discipline with morals in other country where they are landing.since in that country also they find lot of children with desires. they are the next generation.
here i want to say that peace keeping force is not at all required. all problems must be solved by many dialogues. since army has certain basic rules.civilian rules differ from army rules.so UNO must keep this in mind and to establish a forum of dignitaries who must go the nations where  required for many dialogues to sort out the issues.In this money food and army energy can be saved and can be used by offering the same as help to those young ones of that country which is in trouble..so the children and young ones will become a unit of UNO in all countries.This is a strong army of UNO in future with out violence. The soldiers life is also highly valuable to all nation wherever they are. The soldiers must be asked to work for their Nation only , exceptional is natural calamities.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

business technology

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hi my dear readers and friends at this blog here is a new post on Business growth 3 times I.T.Industry.
Yes it is possible . just by making the price of a computer like a mobile in price structuire of Rs.5000/= in Indian money value ,It make all people on the earth to buy computers. which in turn will boost the I.T.Industry business more than 3 times.
using computer in many millions will enable the business increase to optimum.
Price slash on computers will do a lot in this direction. many leading branded computer manufacturers to take this word in mind ,because furious brand or assembled computers are selling in high level.This cannot be restricted,but this can be restricted by bringing a model in branded computers with a least price affordable by a common man.
Thank you. This is an idea to imply.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Television broadcasting network and education.

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Hi to my dear readers, followers and friends here at this blog via Internet thank you for staying at this blog. Thank you for using the information’s available inpostLinks. 
Here is a message about Next Generation. We are noticing and enjoying all developments leading to next generation. It is pleasure to note that T.V.Channel programmed for children.
Children were found to be very happy in witnessing these channels. But Television channels must take a care on Next generation. Present children were going to be the next generation. While watching these channels at all times how we can get proud children as proud next generation. it is not possible. It is not in the hands of parents. Parents failed in all their attempts because such an attractive programmed at these channels attract children and makes them to sit before Television. In school days children will be at school. So relaying at day time will not yield results.
Children   watch the channel except the time children sleep On Holiday. Then we are irresponsible citizens to the country. so design to relay the channel for 2 hours in the evening on school days and in holidays 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in evening.  This is the only way to restrict children watching children channels and to get the next generation the best.
Please think and care our children.
Thank you.

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Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 6" Display, White - 2nd GenerationHi my dear viewers and followers here at this blog please get started with flock browser. It is available with excellant features. porfessionally designed. If you use once than you will become adict to this site. this site have special features for you to get connected with many familiar and popular networks like Twitter.com,facebook.com,and some others were will help you to gt huge traffic to your blog.
do not miss this chance to get familiarity to your blogs.
with love jks.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected.
I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know
Tulasi and vasaka.
 In health care Ayurveda medicines prepared from Herbals are very effective in long term use. You can get relieved from the disease completely after consuming a course of Herbal medicine Tulasi and Vasaka. These are available in capsules and powders.
A capsule of Tulasi offers complementary restorative actions to help recover faster from common cold, sore throat, and other upper respiratory infections.
Two capsules of vasaka after meals provides respiratory comfort by exerting expectorant action.
You would have seen that old ladies in families do apply this vasaka as a paste at the top of the stomach when a child cry due to stomach pain/digestion problem.
Nature’s best.
Please go ahead with these medicines which are nature’s gift. Many leading Indian herbal medicine manufacturer's with an experience over 75 years manufacturing these products.
Nature’s best. Herbs are gathered from forests in a sustainable way or cultivated in a natural bio-friendly environment.
This has high value and role in Indian cultural heritage.
To have hand in this cultural heritage please make your business trips to India.
Thank you for shopping the herbal medicines is a part of your health care.

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Professional qualification and its value is must

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Dear sir
this accounting studies become meaningless because it is paving way to reduce income to Government.government can run and implemnet many developments with revenue she yields. but due wrong account written by many , government looses revenue is practical status. This has to change. we cannot blame Accounting professionals. but by forcing people and sellers to sell all with Bills/Invoices bearing cst and state tax numbers will result a bright future to Government.
(to read thispost in detail may please visit the blog)For examples In tamilnadu people are fond of jewels is known to all. so they buy it from jewelleries who never prefer to sell with invoices,also people have mind set to avoid bill by a wrong information they are saving more than 10% ,is the pressure created by sellers.
we find huge sales in akshya tritheyai day all over India. I believe that is the one day sales can bring Huge revenueto Government,this is with the statistics of Gold and silver sold and the rates /sale price command's on that day. Even advance booking takes place. But Government on the other hand not getting huge revenue. if yes government would have reflected by saying in this one day sale Government has got huge revenue about .....But Not happened.
Government can create pressure on Gold sellers.it is the need of thsi time.I believe so.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

bsnl -wireless

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B S N L to offer M N S with cable &wireless India.a great news.this is really a worth full doing by bsnl India.many people get affected with wire detachment due lorry  loads,natural calamities etc.
now a full stop to this.b s n l has linked an agreement  cable &wireless India to offer managed network services in  a bid to boost revenues and leverage  in its  vast network.
M S N  include  voice data integration services.
in India  tele providers providing wireless services but the   network is not vast but developing one.
also reliance with Sim card  ,Tata indicom with photone are really milestones in this matter by private sectors started wireless services in India.
Well done bsnl. well done to Government of India Telecommunication Ministry and her best services.

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Education and Government

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Hi to my dear readers here is a suggession. all schools (cbsc,matriculation,government owned) were brought under one pattern of education  with the recent changes by the Central Government policies.
I believe this is a great turn in education. even further government can  give results in this matter. Now sylubus has become common. so all materials for education in classes were has been decided and patterned. so this can be uploaded in digital video discs. Government can supply Lacd screens,with centralised monitor and monitors to all class rooms.  This will put an end to children carrying huge load of books. also visual with teaching by teachers at schools will get you high results. students will become highly result oriented. also to note because of visual education ,few students who turn out of classes to theaters to watch feature films in class hour can be avoided.
students are the future generation.so this development is must.http://www.kapilsibal.net/.
Future will be visual communication age. so making use of this room complete books and materials can be entered in to digital video discs. This can be sold to school and childrens.This will pave way to promote the sales of computers . children were need to buy a computer at their house. This is a modernaization of education. Paying huge fees to schools for books will be avoided. buying computer is a single time process to all Indian families. D V D price can be fixed at a very low by  our government.
This will give a revamp to I T Industry. Ministry will be in her peack by these processes and development's. The other meaning for Development is Government can be established.
with this maximum expenses to parents for education in buying many books can be eliminated. Step by step "e" books can be developed with future development in mind. This is the second step required. Here many employment opportunities were created.As soon "e" books were ready than Television networks can also brought in toeducation work .education channels will be fruitful..
Above all by this education ministry can become a center point for development's.
Because ,if other ministries like communication ministry and other ministries can join their hands with this education ministry to do wonder's.
Yes! communication minitry "bsnl"  and other broad band connections sale will be at its peak.because to read "e" books at home .This can be future step in promoting India. Concern is Future Generation.
rest in my next post.
Thank you with love jksundararajan

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Monday, August 2, 2010


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Hi my dear readers,visitors,followers,and broad casting friends,groups users,communities,thank you all for reading this blog posts in full. Now i take this opportunity to present you a new post for your kind support.
Here is a message  letting you know Blog Advertising.The areas to blog are detailed here. this is a continuation of the post posted today at http://winmoneymatters.blogspot.com.
The blog areas for blog advertising are:
Primary school education,
professional training and coaching,
Program development,
Public policy,
Public relation and communications
Public safety,
Public health,
Rail road construction,
Real estate,
Recreational facilities and services,
Religious Institutions,
Renewable and Environment,
security and Investigations,
ship building,
sporting goods,
staffing and recruiting,
super markets,
ware housing,
wine ,whisky and spirits,
writing and editing are the blogging areas. So get started a blog of your own and do write posts on these areas. now you are clear what are all you can write about.
do well get Google Rank and get the support of advertisers. 

Good luck .
Thank you for allowing to share these truths.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010


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Hi dear friends and followers here is a message for you all about Renault Nissan. Today this is remarkable day at Chennai in India in great function. Renault Nissan has role his car . In  a short time you all can drive the vehicle to enjoy the comfort in automobiles.
i believe that Mahindra and mahindra will get a major share in the market after scorpio.well done.

do not miss this opportunity.

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