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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

women submit to men

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Hi my dear readers ,followers,viewer's and broad casting friends here is a message about women submit to men. Yes! as a mother ,as a daughter,as a kid but dominates over men as wife. Here on the earth we found many families in Good status because of this domination. Only in few families it is overruled. normally in family matters including sex women submit to men and viceversa. Both are keeping their happy at the peak as per their satisfaction. But many women never exhibits this happiness and keeping themselves in a submissive status and enjoy the inherent happy.This is due to their shyness.Please observe the happiness in the smile found in the image posted here. In happy do not forget to use controceptives.Keep a control on populatioon on the earth.

so I like to conclude both men and women were maintaining their equal status in all matters including sex life. I hope that Nobody on this earth will differ in this post matter.

Thank you for accepting this view by my friends at revivelife.com.

thank you all. Please wait a new post will be right back in a very  short time.

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