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Friday, March 20, 2009

Angel Donor

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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. 

I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. News on this blogspot offering matters and sites will enable your savings and income. This is the latest information letting you know, Angel Donor .

This is a vert great act by a singer at China . She is a Korean singer at china and actress. THis great Angel Donor is Jang Na-ra. yes she has donated 8 billion to people affected by an earthquake. this is really a Master piece work. This Angel must be honoured by all nations.  I like to pay a salute with you all to this singer. why because she did this Donation at the age of 28. Normally people at this age will not have such a magnanimous character. Jang nara is so different on the earth. UNO can also honour this singer.ABove this she also established her charitable organisation to help people. so I personally Feel ,that the Nick name given to her is very perfect .

we hope this act of JangNa-ra should create a light and fire in  many more charitable minded personalities  in young age on the earth to serve people. 

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