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Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr.Parvez Mushraff

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Hi my dear viewer's of this blog

Here is a message letting you know
Mr.Parvez Mushraff. To day he said he did all in the interest of his Nation (Pakistan) security (including the American aided money spent against India). He is correct as an administrator. But now as one among the people on earth he is wrong. His administration is the main cause for Pakistan to went out of Democracy. Now Democracy is reinstated after loosing a genuine and valuable personality Mrs. Benazir Bhutto. She wanted to create a very good relation between India and Pakistan. Now the comment from Parvez Mushraff is in a way spoil the relation between both countries. Above all He twisted the matter by which he thinks that Indians will go against Americans or whit House. The comment made by Parvez Mushraff is with an idea to create a rift in the relation between United States and India. It is highly impossible. Because India is like to continue the same cordial relation with the present American government. Both the government were looking for /working for Peace on the earth. Mr. Barack Obama and the ex president Mr. George Bush were know about India and wanted to create a additional value to India by Getting in the Nuclear Deal agreement. This is well known to White House. So any comment from Mr. Parvez Mushraff or from any body in the world will not cause any damage in the Relationship between both the countries.

He staged and showed himself as a courageous leader and a bold military officer in his regime. So he had all authorities so he would have said all these comments when he was in office Ruled Pakistan.

People at India and Pakistan will not spend their time to hear such unwanted messages of Today be Mr. Mushraff. On the other hand American Government and U N O will definitely charge on these comments by Mr. Mushraff.

Let us love all and live together for a very good Future generation to Form.

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