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Thursday, November 26, 2009

urban excess.com

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Hi my dear broad casting friends,readers,viewers and folowers, Here is a message letting you know Adsense to new dimensions.Yes! here is a question from google in connection with the above images.Please read the post fully.

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"This is the answer from google for her question.The later one was customized and it is a collection from creative elements. It means Creativity is the main focus. Thanks to Teracent. Also to Note this is a development from California."- by google.

I took this opportunity to share my thoughts here.

I believe that this technology has added value to her (google.com) credentials and as a part to Google’s ever growing Nature. Google declares here at this site as, that the transaction, which is subject to various closing conditions, is expected to close this quarter. i feel that This line is with powerful meaning. Well done Google Team .My best wishes to this ferocious professional with an ambition to achieve anything. Good Luck to Google. Here I like to make a humble appeal that is; Google has to take many fast actions to bring the giant Yahoo at par with Google. Than allowing both the team with challenging values will make both to emerge to Rule the Web for ever. Hope Google Chairman and her Team will do this in a profound manner to great success.
Google blogs blogspot is an asset to every blogger .It must be realized in this appropriate time. Advertisement at blogspot post is an invention which is really works well. Also to note this is an indirect way of employment opportunity to many millions to survive across the world. Sincere thanks to Google. 
Here I like to give information which may be well known to Google. That is few people buy sites with Google rank and submit it to many sponsors’ platforms to gain opportunities. This may be differentiated by giving high values to Google blogspot. Let them also survive. I am not questioning the authority of any body. But working at blogspot over years and with our Rank on one side (eagerly waiting for rank) on the other side sites with rank purchasing and submission to all marketing sites and getting advertisers offers will fetch a bad name to Google. So I wish Blog spot has to be given much prime importance by Google. Others may be allowed to survive but as with secondary importance. Please to note I have not written this to hurt any act of any body at Google. I am proud to be with Google, so I want my Google not to fetch ant bad names. Because of fraudulent e mails about prize money many would have disturbed. I am also a victim. After bringing this to the notification of Google now I am not receiving these types of mails. Thank you for your kind service with prime concern on humanity.  
On this situation Google may provide a memory pen at tool bar to keep remember the emails and passwords. 
Bloggers and advertisers were having a sound knowledge about one thing, that is Google = Development. The other name for Ad sense is Google. No body can deny this on this earth.
Google should have the same spirit to continue for ever is my wish. On this Joyful occasion my sincere wishes to Mr. Neal Mohan and Joerg Heilig. Good luck. Please accept my wishes.
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