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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Buzz It

KNOWLEDGE this is the important thing in everyone’s life. This can be divided into two. They are practical knowledge and then are the theoretical knowledge. Knowledge is the one we obtain from experience, matters, from actions, from books, from elders, from data’s; from history etc. so like this we can divide this. It is paving the guidelines for all matters in our lifestyles.

Above all, we are getting knowledge from the nature also. Today’s information is a lesson for tomorrow. Also from tomorrow, the lessons become knowledge for future. This is also useful in promoting the individual in their social as well as personal life. Practical knowledge is the one we obtain by seeing the others like how they work, the way they work, etc.It may differ from one another.

In case of theoretical, it will known to them through the individual. Rather than this, there are various parts in the knowledge that everyone depends on.

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