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Friday, July 17, 2009

India-USA relation

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Here Message that matter’s  cordial Relation. Yes, this is the latest information letting you know,India-USA relation.Requesting all to follow us to maintain a cordial relation with US andwith all other nations on the earth. we all born to live so we must love each eather. Love and affection will get you every thing. for example The Love and affection of Britisher's on Mahatma Gandhiji  and on Indians,forced them to  declare the freedom to Indiawhich is a evergreen memory.  Hi my dear people on the earth we Indians are so happy to have Hillary Clinton at our soil.We greet America through Hillary Clinton. But like to remain that we have  already started a high reputation in relation with America in all spheres.To strenthen this we had Mr. Bill Clinton visit as president of U S A . He Turned to many cities and mingled with all cultured people which is memorable at all days. Now Srimathy Hillary clinton turns to India with many best features to arrive in many agreements to strengthen the relation in all spheres.In particular she urges India to be a part of G18 by accepting the terms.

One of the most successful immigrant groups in US history ,two decades ago, Indians in the US were usually found in scrubs in emergency rooms or changing sheets in family owned motels.Today they are out of the mop closet and are climbing onto top rungs in just about every Industry.Indians are managing FOR TUNE 500 companies (including united airlines and US airways)or acting as consultants and securities analysts.Wall Street has its share.So too the media.

And silicon Valley is awash with subcontinental surnames.7% of the high-Tech firms there are led by Indian CEOs.

The other advantage of this Very Good relation with America has paved way for Indians to get Immigrated to all parts in the world. in particular The Gulf countries are giving much importance to Indians in all speres ,which has to be remmebered at this point of of time.
We pray to Lord that let us maintain the same cardial relation with all 198 countries on the earth. Oh God Bless us in this matter to serve to all people on this earth. At all times you are with us so be with us in this situation also.Thank you My Lord.

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