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Monday, May 21, 2012

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'Hard days ahead' in Afghanistan

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'Hard days ahead' in Afghanistan says Mr.Obama. the message by Obama is as follows ;

President Obama tells a NATO summit there are "hard days ahead" in Afghanistan as the alliance prepares to withdraw troops at the end of 2014.
But I feel that this is a signal and an alarm signal to London Olympics 2012.
U.K. government must listen this matter as serious one. Pakistan ban Twitter.com.
Pakistan say that twitter publishing matters against Islam religion principles. here we people has to think one matter, that is Islamic people Governing Many countries including Middle east countries were also watching Twitter.com in Online in internet. Pakistan just like showing it is the only country and people belongs to Islam is the feel created is a wrong one. Pakistan like to create friction between religions.
This is not right in the part of Pakistan.
any how ,all these measures alerts me about some danger to London Olympics what do you feel and like to say on this?

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