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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Mosquito Terrorism - Dengue Mosquito and stagnant clean water and science as Terrorist!!!!!!!???you only can save we people on Earth,Please.

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Mosquito TerrorismDengue Mosquito and stagnant clean water and science as Terrorist!!!!!!!???

Normal information given to the knowledge of people about this Dengue mosquito is stagnant clean water in a coconut shell or old Tyre etc were the sources of  promoting this mosquito birth and increase. 

In such a case we have many ponds,lakes ,well,Rivers  have clean water and in stagnant position why this mosquito are not grown and infected people from that ?. 

what I want to say is if Dengue mosquito are promoting its huge number of birth in stagnant water in small items,in such case why stagnant water in temple Tanks ,wells in houses,Tanks, Ponds, lakes and Rivers do not give birth to this Mosquito? if this happens ,off course huge people would have died and few may survive . so Science and Technology using criminals spreading this mosquito every where and disturbing the living and well being of people .  
Already we people in Tamil Nadu Know well that few business Magnets spread Mosquito and sell repellent coils,pad and liquid etc. and gaining Billions in return. Government ruling and ruled were know about this and not taken any counter action  is pathetic and painful. 
Alcohol selling TASMAC can not be closed or Banned because  Huge Money to Two Big Political parties owned Politicians. But what about and why their is no action on repellent manufacturing companies. Some thing hidden matter in this is visible to knowledge of people. Oh God you only can save we people on Earth,Please.
Now Tamil Nadu Government may start distribute the Mosquito repellent's at Free of cost to each house through Corporation offices or Ration cards.
thanks,Regards. j.k.sundararajan.

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