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Thursday, December 25, 2008

International Assistance

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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know, International Assistance and Protection course.

The program focused on education for individual and collective protection systems in case of chemical accidents or terrorist strikes.

The ministry of National defense and the organisation for the prohibition of chemical Weapons convention held the "international assistance and protection course" from september 22 to 26.

The course offered information on defense , materials, science and technology - which could be used in case of terrorist strikes or chemical accidents.

Korea is the fitst Asian country to host this program.

"The ministry of National Defense will do its best to be prepared for any possible terrorist strikes in the future.

"all Nations on the earth has to set up this eduaction exchange  has become mandatory one."

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