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Friday, February 4, 2011

Free from diabetes

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Here is a message about Be Free  from diabetes.
Yes! it is possible to get free from diabetes. our forefathers in our food system normally had bitterguard once in a week. Now on so many reasons it has been avoided by people now in the modern world. Even in the name of customs ,festival days people reduced using bitter guard.
Yes many herbal companies bitter guard in capsule form. 

If you are unable to buy that ,please buy Karela/bitterguard on saturday evening and keep it ready for sunday early morning. as soon you wake up please have the sliced bitterguard peices in to a cup and add some amount of Buttermilk with out water added ,and consume .do the same in the following week also. Go for a check Blood sugar /diabetes check up.you will find your sugar will be below normal. do this once in two months /when ever you needed. 

Strictly not to consume bitterguard continuously for a long duration. this will affect your hearing power and then gradually brain power.

Also as an alternate for immediate reduction of sugar level to stay healthy you can use LANTUS. Lantus is now the no.1 insulin in the world and it is from sanofi aventis a renowned name in medicine world.

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