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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

China says top cop spent a day in US consulate

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China says top cop spent a day in US consulate. Already U.S.arrest 10 alleged Russian secret agents. Now This is a latest in News. so One thing is assured a very big lapsein security in U.S. is still exists. It means fewmay bepermitted to Create damages at Pentagon . May be possible.

U.S.Government is weak in its security matters is aknowledged now to this world.

Actually I still have a feel and may Doubt United States Government on Twin Tower world trade center collapse. It may be an arrangement by fixing bombs in all locations of that world trade center by a secret manner to destroy that Building and its huge business. This may be to divert the world. A planecrash in the Top of the building may not be powerful to collapse the entire building to get completely smashed to ground level.

many may think like this also.

Now I think ,This may be a political Game is my view and opinion.


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