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Friday, April 22, 2011

Request to Google Blogger.com

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My dear Team at blogger.com by Google.com ,possibly when i could I expect my page Rank Back to Blog. How long you are going to punish me. I am Iswarya, B.E.civil engineer who did not got job placement after finished my studies by 2005 may.

so I entered in to Blobber.com which is a beat place for woman to work from Home . You have given me blog at free oc cost.It means Blogger.com Team by Google.com enabled me to have blog at your perusal is reflecting that you have provided Food in a plate.

But you have tied my hands by not giving even minimum page rank after posting for years is showing that you are not allowing me to eat the food you have provided. No it is not right. Please enable my survival to be continued , help me ,support me. offer me  page rank and forgive me for any sins I committed unknowingly at Google.com.

When my father ambition to become the President of India has to become True ,than I will certainly salute to your team  with handful of Thanks. Now I ahve my sincere Gratitudes to your Google Blogger.com team..May please help me.

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Love and Kindness at Stanley

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Hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about Love and Kindness at Stanley.

We know Christians are Normally have huge level patience . Here a Woman called Nirmala who is a wife of a Phaster Mr. Berlin working at C T Scan center at Stanley Hospital. Because her Husband Prayers and her natural tendency and good character , she says who to get tempted against Patients here.She also added , that sir, already they are with painful ,so they are comeing here for treatment,so we need to maintain patience. she Loves her Job and admire all patients to get served. patients are Luckt at Stanley Hospital to have such a Type of women.at this center. Some organizations has to come forward to find such woman to awrad to encourage her service. She is very attendive to all patients,Not only this,here is surprise, all people working at this center all against Bribe.

They are not taking any sort of bribe from any one is the special message.

On looking at this situations I believed she Mrs.Nirmala Berlin should be another Mother Thressa Born in India. what a great Luck to India.Christian Societies has to take step to know this truthfull matter to encourage these employees.

In India I find this when I visited Stanley Hospital on 16.04.2011 ,Saturday and on Monday  18.4.2011.at C T Scan center for a scanning purpose. Since I am a Good Friend Of Mr. Benedict at Vatican city ,The Holy Father ,I Humbly request   to guide christian society to Garland this Team and the Woman Mrs Nirmala Berlin.
A great Blow to Fanatics of any religion is also I found here. She is a Christian Woman but Maximum Number of Patients turns to this Hospital were belongs to Islam community. see the togetherness and acceptance of Humanity . Humanity is well established in this lady and her soul so that she attend all patients in a polite and calm manner. This is appealing to all who come here for treatment.Indian National Integrity is maintained here at this Hospital owned by Government is the special message flsah news.  Credit goes to Christian community which trained her patients in a great way.

so That I said she is another Mother Thressa in India. This is a great opportunity to serve this christian Lady by writing a Post to share these truth's as Miracle I found / happened to me at stanley Hospital. Thanks to Mr. Berlin -  Pastor - at Urrappakkam Church in India at Tamil nadu. I now started love pastors in this world, who pray for others well being. what a great people they are.

She is very young than Mother Thressa to enter in this Human service and she is very calm and delighted in rendering her service. Dr.Jaya Kumar and his Team Players were also very Much attendive to the Patients. They are in Time to the Job. They are careful in service. This Team is with all Good qualities. so we people on the Earth must be proud see such employees in a Government owned Hospital is Highly appreciatable. They must be Honored by Government as "Clean Workers" as a  step towards "Clean India". Government can provide them a neat Environment is the need, I believe and insist..

They say that they are well trained by their deen's .. well done deen's.

Media ,television and Press Notice Only mistakes of the Government servant but here it is necessary to look at this Great People at Stanley Hospital. 

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Globac XT

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hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about Globac xt. You may be thin but strong . you like to have muscles and fleshy look . on the other side few work for weight reduction with pills. Here you can have the chance to increase your body weight and fleshy look. For this You just buy Globac XT capsules one each for Thirty Days.or you can take the same in syrup form. this is prescribed by many knowledged Doctors for becoming Fat.

Thank you.

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stem cell preserving

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Hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about stem cell preserving. This is an extraordinary development in science and Technology ,off course again we will say science could not be able to produce a medicine to kill Musquitoe's. Now this is the time to appreciate this and to make involvement in this is a need of this time to your family.

If you preserve your stem cell in a library than it may cause you  asmall expense,but it is a openning for your future needs.

Take the matter of sathya sai Baba at Puttaparthi. He had crores and crores of Money. But he did not preserved the stem cell of his own. so Now he could not be saved. Other wise from his stem cell any needed organ can be developed and he would have been trated well .He would be alive Now. Bad Luck to sathya sai  , he has not done this ,because His Trust and Trusted people with him were not at all rustworthy. All sorrounding him were care about his assets and money. so that they have not done this. Because Money is not a problem for him. As soon he started his life with wheel chair ,His care taker's must have been told him to go for stem cell preservation and developments of few organs which is necessary for his life. But they have not done so. so they are Coward,including the chairman of All India Sathya sai Trust and seva Organization,(Chairman Position of sathya sai seva trust and organization is held by great scholars and Business man/Industrialists. so they can not say they do not know about this,this is recklessness).

Why I made to you all to hear this pathetic story of Crorepathy and religious leader life ,because to make your mind/idea  to preserve your cells in Library.

stem cell preservation will make you to live Long.

Thak you.

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Lens to see Nacked

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Hi friends and viewer's here is a message about Lens to see Nacked. You can see any thing in this world Nacled by using this lens. This is a rumour spread out in those days , at that time people use to say that few Hero's and Directors are using this lens in their Eye Glasses and see at the actress. But Today It seems to be Possible because Technological developments. So even though we are dressed some one can see nacked is Possible.

Thank you. 

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