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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Here is a news about Power of Faith. People have power of faith  on Ruler's and Peace.Yes with out any change the people of this world like Peace. But Unfortunately the Peace is at the hands of Nuclear Atom Bombs. These Atom Bombs are available with many super Power's in the World. 
The Power Faith never failed and will not be allowed to fail in future will be the nature of  thoughts from all government's.Let us Hope the Japanese Power of Faith on eradicating atom bomb from the earth will succeed because all people on the earth are with the same Idea. Hiroshima mayor calls for abolishing nuke weapons.

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso delivers a speech in front of the Memorial Cenotaph during the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima, western Japan on Aug. 6, 2009. Hiroshima on Thursday mourned the 64th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city by U.S. forces during the World War II.
Today we all along with paid Respect to the souls of people died from the Nuclear Bomb attract at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While the superpowers do not know properly the effect of nuclear atom Bombs they used it unknowingly. The President and the People of America shed tears and felt on the incident happened. They strongly say Thro the President of America they do not want to see any more situations hereafter on this earth. All people along with the president of Japan paid their Respect at the Memorial. They humbly request all Rulers’ in all countries to Damage or smash all available Nuclear atom Bombs.

Here I like to add my opinion. That is now it is an opportunity to add value to Global Peace. To create confidence with the people on the earth the Countries which all have Nuclear atom bomb must come forward to accept the request By the people of Japan in this regard , which will be the  right way of respecting the souls at the memorial at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I feel to Honor this Request and to Justify the U N O general secretary in Office ,Mr.Banki Moon , may Please forward the same request from his good office to all ruler's/Government in all Nations. This is to be with a serious concern on Peace/people safe Life on the earth.

Even I suggest a place, where The Nuclear atom bombs to get smash/ defuse/damage .As on date this is the place where we do not have Human lives. Also the explosion /defusing the atom bombs will not cause any danger to this world.

But definitely getting scientist’s and expert's advice is must along with a concurrence from U N O.

The place I would like to mention here is Antarctica. May please do research and then please collapse the entire quantity of atom bombs in a single phase. Also we must take an oath, not to design /produce an atom bomb again.

U N O may declare, holding Nuclear atom bomb will disqualify the membership in U N O  to any nation on the earth. This step will also will give positive results.

 my request is at any cost please don't use an atom bomb which is a danger to our Human life. Many countries promise to say that they will not use the Nuclear atom bombs at any situation against human lives. so Their is no meaning in keeping the same in stock, please generously come forward to have dialogue's on this subject to wipe out this Nuclear atom bomb's from the earth.

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