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Monday, August 28, 2017

on date B J P Government transparency and clean India Scheme were in doubtful. - சின்னம் விவகாரம்....தேர்தல் ஆணையத்தை சந்திக்கும் அதிமுகவினர் | AIADMK | ...

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 In this issue after awarded two leaves logo Mr.O.P.S.may be  forced to sent out of A.D.M.K. is my view. all drama now happening is to do that successfully is my view. B J P Government is not transparent and not towards clean India!!!!.

If B J P is clean and transparent than why Union Government and Judiciary were not showing any interest to command that convicted persons can not hold even Political party leadership???!!!  . B J P mygov.in Government is not on right track as people believe is my view!!!.

Yesterday Ramrahim Baba given 20 years imprisonment as justice . This is right, but what happened to P.J.Kurian case in Supreme court? why B J P Government allowing Mr.P.J.Kurian as Deputy Chairman of Rajya sabha is shocking and a surprise to me and people of India, but why this is not hitting the heart or touching the heart of Judges and chief  Justice ,why Politician's were allowed a special treatment in Court trails, why this injustice to Democracy?  

President of India may please intervene on P.J.Kurian case ,is also a rape victims case ,and please raise a question why such delay ? 

is the delay because of a politician involved? to Supreme court of India ? is looked after by people of India.

on date B J P Government transparency and clean India Scheme were in doubtful.

why their is no information about Mr.Shivaji Ganesan , a great Legendry actor Grand daughter Mrs.Ilavarasi Husband Mr.sudakaran after imprisonment? what happened to him? 

court and politician's,Press and Media  were talking on News about Mrs.sasikala Only.  

 How B J P can Government  support a Victim to held the leadership of a Political party knowingly the victim is in imprisonment trail,is a surprise? People were made fools by Politician's this includes B J P. politicians also, on date.

regards sundararajan.

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