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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Her Majesty's life celebrates 60 years as Monarch in 2012

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The Queen celebrates 60 years as Monarch in 2012. This website celebrates Her Majesty's life and times and is the official source for announcements and information about the Diamond Jubilee.

Best wishes on your Diamond Jubilee. You have been a marvelous Queen and a wonderful example of dedication. Thank you for your service. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Diamond Jubilee weekend from all students of Utterly England in The Netherlands.

I Humbly Request BBC.co.uk/News/world to relay the Celebration in Live to this world to watch and enjoy the finest occasion on this earth. Request to BBc.com A Way to increase your Glory at BBC.COM Team


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https://twitter.com/#!/wikileaks What is the solution to sex related issues in offices?

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What is the solution to sex related issues in offices? Yes! The only solution is to establish many Testing centers to test Human cell when doubt arises between Life Partners. Many woman employed in Industries along with Man. so for the safety of family - husband and wife reliability , Genealogy Test in cells will certify that the wife and Husband had related only in between them and Not with others.

while investigating the cells women or man cell show many Gene's in a cell of a woman and of a man. This certificate will prove that they are genuine. otherwise they are ready for the adjustments of the society. So no question of sex related issues in the world.

Now a days reliability is on very low profile. I worked in Iyyengar Company in which we employees saw a Boss who had sex relations with a woman staff on a Saturday afternoon. The used condemn was brought to the Table of Human resource department by a steward Boy. what happened ? he was promoted on the same day as a clerk.

Similarly I worked in a Chettiyar Company,where also the Boss is a Young man aged about 40 years. He is a B.E.M.B.A. what to do with this qualification. He handles many women who were happened to be wives in a Family . He enjoyed all Transport facilities and had sexual relations at the cost of the Company and spent Lavish. The reason behind this was he is well supported by a Executive Director who was a son of a very very familiar Tamil Film Director also sister in law Husband to a Executive Director of a Popular Iyyengar Automobile Company.Present date he is a General Manager sales in a German Car Company at Chennai.This what our society. we are all poor people with out the support of Judiciary ,Legislative and Executive from the Government.

Above to all A person being a son to a Studio Owner. Studio owner sister was married by a Very Popular Film studio owner and Film Producer of those days. To make easy of this sex abuse company appointed his son and promoted to a level of Vice President. what to do? we are happened to Live in these situations.

The only one solution to this sex abuse is to bring Cell and genealogy test centers in all cities.Husband and wife must undergo when they have any doubt to get confirmation through a certificate from this test centers. This will keep peace in Many families in future is my view and solution to this problem. By this Boss in any office is blocked from the opportunity.(whether it is a Government office or Private Office) Both Woman and Man has to under go This test is a must when it is necessary or when a doubt raises to a genuine Family woman or Man.


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Sex relation with secretaries -London Court

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Hi this is a case on sex relations with secretaries by Julian Assange Owner Wiki leaks argued at Court in London. This is against an appeal by Julian Assange - wiki leaks owner against the judgment of expelling him to Sweden. the previous judgment said that Wiki leaks owner Mr.Julian Assange has to be expelled to Sweden.

I strongly object this Judgment. same time I am not interested to support this type of mistake in continue. Also Court at London must refer many case laws in this regard. Case laws and its judgment across the world and at London. why partiality to Julian Assange?This type of sex relation has become a wrong Practice many Boss in many organizations in the world. This includes United States Government Presidential Office. In most of the time many try to file wrong cases to spoil personalities name in the society is also a truth.

In this world this sex related mistakes are found in Huge at I.T.Industries is the message. Please to inform you that in a I.T.Company a separate Dust Bin is placed near way to Toilet to collect used Condemns. My friend is a General Manager in a Government of India undertaking Insurance company ,while he visited along with his wife to a I.T.Company at Bangalore in India and when went to use the toilet at his son office where his son is employed he shocked to saw this bad scene. what to do? In Particular this I.T.Company is Number one in educating I.T. to students in operations at Chennai in Tamil Nadu in India. same time Referring these cases does not mean to support the Mistake to continue. Parliamentarians and Legislative member in a assembly watching sexual video's in their mobile was the latest in its row in India at Bangaluru.

we people born to live and Judgment reserved for our sins is also known to us. This is the Court of God. Judiciary on many times went wrong as a wrong decision on bias on many cases in presenting Judgment is also known to us. This is because of wealth availability, fear about their relations lives etc.

where is the end to this mistake on this world. so The court might have released this judgment at London. But at United states the same type of sex harassment case filed on Mr.Bill Clinton by his secretary. At last what happened is known to this world.

In this sex relation with secretaries at his office by Julian Assange case ,I like to appeal to the London Court that as a special case he must be resolved at this time only or May please forward the case to International Court of Justice - Hague. Because he who can give lot of secrets about many Mistakes and illegal acts ,Bribes and other crucial matters that affects our world for Justice. No one in this world had such courage . so Mr.Julian Assange may be justified to be out from this case considering a Human Asset working always for Human Justice by presenting all Mistakes by all to all in this world. Off course he himself slipped and did mistakes. Let Him pay compensation /penalty or if the secretary is interested let him Marry her is must be a justice we people look for for the welfare of this world.Please ,London court may consider this extradition appeal on common cause which serves this world benefit. We people on this world need People Like Him. so for world benefit , Britain's Supreme Court

not to deny WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's appeal please revert extradition of Julian Assange.

In Particular This is a crucial period to London. Keeping in mind London Olympics in mind This appeal can be accepted,why because he will certainly assist Britain Government by finding corruption matters and illegal entries and other required informations for the security and safety of London Olympics 2012.I believe so. U.K.Government may say we have all security measures. No no not to miss this security measure available at hand. At least validating this point of mine Court at London may please accept the appeal. this would become beneficiary to London ,I believe so. I strongly recommend this to Royal Government of U.K. to think on this matter and may please advice suitable to the court to benefit London. I believe and Hope that U.K.Government will initiate on this matter with the above said points ,may please to arrange to advice to the court through proper proceedings to accept this appeal.

Thanks to Royal Government of U.K. Please read the solution for this sex related abuses in offices in my next post.

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