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Friday, October 28, 2011

Microsoft.com - Many millions loss to American economy:!

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Many millions loss to American economy is a fact is due to American government policy.

 Yes. Any time money, any second money, huge revenue fetching area is computer technology.
In this an ordinary person Mr. Bill Gates has grown to the richest of the world status is a proud to his work and proud to the nation America.
 But due to the policy of American government on date has failed to maintain the proud. Though in all act including charity America is in first. They are going back is the concern to people like me. Now the thought is, America is a war monger country. It is not so. So please establish peace and love again in the American continent.

 While your country is having a pleasure and luck to have Microsoft limited. it is more than the oil resource at gulf countries.

 With out giving much importance to this remarkable Movement by Microsoft Team by Bill Gates  this American government showing interest to land in other countries. Even the missile station at other countries is also not necessary, I feel.

 Just supporting Microsoft limited and other companies in this business at America the American government could have created a complete control on the earth. it is not necessary to go space in discovery and launching satellites to control the people or governments on the earth.

 At least now the American government and American people to realize this mistake and start all action to develop the computer world/or information technology world to have the best control by your government on all governments /people on this earth.
 My dear lovely American’s please do renovate your ideology. People have the right to say/comment on the government activity when it is wrong.
 Any time money pouring thing /matter is at American soil, please value and respect and honor it. Even the American government may give any highest award to bill gates to honor the American nation.
While Microsoft gives means and way to employment opportunity to many millions across the world why not to Americans, It is Possible. But Government must extend her support by all means, than it is possible.  Honor Mr. Bill Gates and his Team.Thanks.

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