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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lok Sabha elections - Industry experts’ wish list

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Industry experts’ wish list for Lok Sabha elections

campaign picks up in the district for the Lok Sabha elections, industries here say they need a representative who will understand their problems, represent it to the Central Government and help find solutions.
industrial activity here has been hit during the last two years because of slowdown in orders, power shortage, etc. Though power is a problem in the State, national grid connectivity is one of the major requirements that will improve power availability. The connectivity will enable the industries to purchase power from different sources. The units also need strengthening of the wind energy capacity here, say industry sources.

The MP should be a single window for industries to represent their problems to the Union Government.

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Apple’s war really one between Apple and Googlestarts today!

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Apple’s war   "Several people have described the initial battle between Samsung and Apple as really one between Apple and Google."

Representatives for Apple, Samsung and Google declined to comment.

 The current case, which begins on Monday with jury selection, is the second major court battle over patents between Apple and Samsung, which rode the success of Android to become the biggest handset maker in the world. Samsung lost the first case in 2012 and was ordered to pay $930 million in damages.

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