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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Prize Distribution Function

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A Prize Distribution Function.

Prize Distribution Functionis one of the most important function of a School/Institution.

It is memorable event in the history of the institrutions/schools. It is held generally a few days before the examinations and marks the end of the Year(academic/financial / connceted to that field)

The prize distribution of our school was held in the first week of March. It was held in the school Hall. The director of education or any important personality was invited to preside over the function. The school compound was decorated with flower pots and buntings.Maps,pictures and mottoes were hung on the walls.Chairs were arranged for the visitors. The stage was beautifully decorated.

Prizes were arranged neatly on a sperate table.The prize winners sat near the stage.

Chief-guest arrived exactly at four. he was warmly recieved by the principal and the other members at the gate. The school band played the National song. The scouts gave him a guard of honour.

The function started with a song.It was followed by a short Drama. That is Veera Sivaji. I did that Sivaji role in that Drama. Make up man were from cinema bacjk grounds, so after make up they were telling us that Iam eaxctly suits to sivaji character. In case if we saw sivaji now he will be like you ,such a suitable face to you is a pride comment from my friends.

the Principal read the annual report about the rpogress,examination results and extra curicular activities of thye school.The president Gave away the Prizes.After that the President delivered a short speech.He praised the schoolfor its all round progress.

The principal then thanked the chief - guest and the function came to an end amidst cheers.


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