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Monday, December 15, 2008

Palace Records

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Hi dear viewer's here you have a message about Royal palace records of Joseon Dynasty. The royal palace records were revived in dgigtal form.  The palace records were preserved by French National Library. recently Korean Government and french Government agreed on producing digital files . The digitalized Protocols are provided through the Cultural Heritage  Administration web siteThe digital files include the 30 exclusive copies in the French collection  as well as the original silk covers of 12 Volumes.

The luxurious editions have green silk covers and bronze ornaments with the chrysanthemum emblem of the Joseon Royal household.

you can visit the site for more interesting information about the files . it is amazing and exiciting,because these files were made 500 years ago , in such quality.The preservation capacity of French Library is also highly appreciatable.The library must be awarded by the government by all means is the necessary of this matter.

Thank you. r.k.sundararajan. 

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