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Sunday, October 19, 2014

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what to be done and how to react in forming Maharashtra state Assembly in My View to Mr.Modi! Read my Nest Post Here! Thanks

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what to be done and how to react in forming Maharashtra state Assembly in My View to Mr.Modi! 
Read my Nest Post Here! Thanks

Congrats for a landslide victory in Maharashtra State Assembly Election results on Date and published on 26.9.2014 by me.

Now I would like to say my View about constituting the State Assembly of Maharashtra.

Sivasena of Mr.Uttham Thackeray has secured the second position in the election as a opponent to B J P.  Ruling State Assembly.
Raj Thackeray ,NCP of Sharad pawar,Congress of Sonia Gandhi ,were last their right to form the Government,In Ultimate they last People Confidence is the Truth.

Now You Prime Minister Mr.Modi and BJP President Mr.Amit Shah has to play an important role as follows
In my view,that is , now B J P to Join Hands with MNS and Others of 19 M.L.A.'s. with this BJP Number will come to 
123 + 19 =142. Than  B J P has to Join Hands with N C P to Form the Government if Possible. Try This Success.

Allow Sivasena in the Opposition . This is a simple way in which Sivasena will collapse in its own ways and means is can be witnessed.  In My View in next 5 years this siva sena will Loose its Ultimate values.While BJP govern well ,than the fate of Sivasena will be -"People will not Respect this "Fanatic People in a Name of a Political Party"
Also I would like to mention here , that N C P of Pawar and M.P.'s of N C P will gradually wish to join in B J P  on looking Good Governance of B J P in Maharashtra

INC ,that is Congress by Sonia Gandhi will loose complete Values in any issues of Maharashtra, by this Move.I believe that B J P will take my recommendation given here for the welfare of the People and Politics.

At the same time in my view , Once again I would like to establish that we Indians did not sold India to People of Nehru Family. So Leaders in Congress Must come forward to detach from Congress By Sonia or Nehru Family people and must start a New "Old Congress Party " to Add value to Democracy and also to keep a good Pressure on B J P to provide Good Governance

Congress Must Avoid Corruption and people with corruption charges in the Party is a must is my Recommendation. Please Note ,If this New Congress Leaders and Party approaches me than I will give my Opinions how you can be successful in the Near Future!thanks. Surprisingly I am Going to be a Future Politician with Best qualities to Take My Nation India to its Ultimate reach, please wait and watch this Clean Political Career.

Why I wrote the above lines to eliminate people with Corruption charges and cunning acts ,why because we learned  lessons on this  from Mr.Man Mohan Singh. Today B J P has to salute at all times to Mr.Man Mohan Singh for his bad administration as well as he who spotted and or brought out Corruption charges on all Leading politician's in all Parties in all States in India

These Move's started a very good Beginning to Mr.Modi of B J P a Man with No Corruptions .
Mr.Man Mohan Singh to run his UPA1 and UPA2 Government through his Government Powers he made all attempts to put/throw light on people with Corruption charges by which he had a Complete Control on His Party as well as on allied in UPA1 and UPA2 is the Truth

But at the same time Mr.Man Mohan Singh  did a great Honor to the Country that is he did not allowed Sonia Gandhi or her son  Rahul Gandhi in High Office of the Nation is also a Truth we Witnessed. so B J P to Salute to Mr.Man Mohan Singh Once again for his Foolish Administration. 

Thanks. Rest of my Ideas in My Next Post  .Good Luck and Good wishes for your Next Up coming State Assembly Elections at Jammu and Kashmir ,Delhi,Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and West Bengal !!!!!!!.

Now People in India believe B J P because of You Mr.Modi , so You Union Government has to start his Governance,already your Government passed 100 days on Planning. Off course with out any Good and Proper Planning we can not establish any Good Governance or administration is the Truth

so please take few more time for a Best in Planning for Clean India (Corruption Free) and Rivers Unification,and bringing in the Black Money of Indians in to the Indian Treasury from Swiss Bank Accounts. This is also Simple and easy, I will send my Ideas in this ,How This Huge amount of Black Money can be derived/pulled in to Government Treasury!

Please Wait to read that ideas following from to MyGov.in. Thanks.

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Congrats to Mr.Modi - B J P for Vibrant Success in Haryana State Assembly Election!

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