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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Register for the Conduit Awards 2009 - $15,000 in prizes for the best web components

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Register for the Conduit Awards 2009 - $15,000 in prizes for the best web components  @nytimesscience NASA must have a check up to know is their any effects due to space shuttle emission at space in climate change. NASA is a place with Top professionals of this world challenging technology, But it should not endanger human life. we human are the combination of five elements of nature. that is air,soil,water,fire,soul from unknown space. All the Inventions till date are also the combination this five elements. May please NASA try to invent any thing with out this five elements. It is impossible. our body or any car/satellite/plane etc body if thrown in soil it will become soil ,if ,wants to see this quickly than throw any thing in a sea shore ,due to salt air you can see the soil form of the thrown product. Including human water is a coolant. with out which nothing can be done. It is what mixing with blood substances and flows and keeps the body temp. in a static position. including human in all inventions in and out of air is reuired.otherwise.it will not function. Fire this is the element exists in  all inventions including in human body. we never fire in our stomach. but by birth fire is a part of human body and other inventions. Without ignition combustion cannot take place and you cannot get started. last the space - from where our souls come from . No body can say this the spot of life of a soul in a Human body similarly in all inventions . every thing is important in all inventions like that soul flows in all part of a human body. when death occurs the same soul goes out ,we cannot invent where it has gone. Also but the prime thing is to note is Includinh human life and Inventions have importance in aging. No body can stop aging in products and human life. these are all the secrets of this universe. so we have to find a lot to make at least to confirm permanent to a human life on this earth. Inventions are must but the same should not be a cause for a danger to human life on earth. It should not endanger the nature and climate.
Thank you with love rk sundararajan. rksr3333@gmail.com

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