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Saturday, March 12, 2011

food suppliment for a Day

Buzz It
Break Fast

Bread 2 slices 2 idlies with chutney veg - upma Tea 

Fat 1 teaspoon I teaspoon oil veg - upma Tea
Of butter

Milk 1 Glass skim-
Med milk/tea/
Coffee without

Mid - Morning
Fruit 1 apple 1 guava orange 1 Mosambi


Three chapattis/ 1 cup vegetable ½ cup vegetables 1-2 cups mutton/fish/
4 slices Bread (Uncooked cooked rice pulses curry/
With butter 30 grams.

Evening snack
Sprout 25mgs sundal/c henna 1 veg sand witch 1-cup tea/
Milk w/o
Bed Time

1 glass
Skimmed milk. 1 glass buttermilk

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