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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Psychologists advise

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Hi to my dear readers,google users,followers,broad casting friends thank you all for staying connected.

here is the latest story on Psychologists advise. We all know that we should use pleasant, decent language;that we should not excited even under the utmost provocation.

psychologists advise that we should keep calm at all times. some body abuses you and uses  bad language to provoke you but you do not react. In such a situation we should look inward.      

A refrain common to everybody is " many times I got angry and later I regretted  it." You know that under trying circumstances we should exercise our will power to maximum capacity.Try to master your senses.Do not give expression to your anger. In this way an awkward situation may be effectively handled.

thank you. 

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Injustice to Blogger

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My dear readers, viewers, followers, google users, broad casting friends, press and media friends,

Thank you all for you waiting to read this new post.  I am very sorry for made you long waiting. My health grounds caused this delay. But I am shocked after recovery at this blogspot.

Here is a new message about Blog advertising and get paid.

Blogger.com is a boon to all people who can post non sponsor posts and get paid for sponsored posts after 45 days or after approval by the advertising network.   Blog / blog’s will be approved   to you only after google ranking of your blog normally. You can get started with a blog is totally free from google blogspot.com by blogger.com.

One you must know those teams who will do blog advertising network have strong understandings. I think further that few family people of this blog advertising network can only get paid huge for a long time. I will explain about this here. Do not worry.

Worlds no one blog advertising network’s like smorty,Izea,were have a strange set up in this marketing.   At the same time I cannot say that they are having clean admin process.

For example as a Bloggers you will get good support from sponsored reviews.com, which is the only site have no fins and fans.  This is Works on normal business ethics.  I am so proud to say this.  

1.      I have placed sponsored reviews.com badge on the side bar. It has the word “review”.

2.      Secondly I used to link all my non – sponsored posts with many number of links which is no way bringing payments to me. But this has been done by me for to get huge traffic at my blog to gain google rank.

3.      On showing these reasons (not to have the word “review’ and links in non sponsored posts) few days back my blog splahoutman.blogspot.com was banned by smorty.com it is a cunning act by the admin.

4.      To day I shocked to see the act of google also. Yes! Google has provided this blogspot for free.  This is a merciful act of google to human community of this world. . This blogspot was on google page rank 3. Suddenly the rank has become zero (0) which shocked me a lot. Google killed her own baby, instead of punished in case any mistake found.. The rank may come down. But when it has become zero from 3 it is shocking.

5.      So it made me to reveal all my knowledge about blogging here to people of this world.

Number one, Google can stop the facility of pre date posting at option area in a new post.

By using this many Google blogspot where bought with rank 2/3/4 from different sites.  With this Google blogs with Rank selling sites Blog advertising network has very good under standing network. Only those blogs were given offers. Poor people like me who own blog and get ranked after years will not be respected. Google Ranking has devalued by this concept of blog advertising network.

Blog’s with Google rank buyers were take the advantage of Option in post area and post 45 to 50 posts with in 2 or 3 days and submit to advertising network. They also will approve this wrong entry. Because blog advertising network is called themselves a s professionals. Other people in the world were beggars. Why such injustice to Bloggers. Why google did not remove this option to pre dating the posts is not removed.  Here Google chairman Mr. Eric and his team must give justice to us. Google cannot say that they do not know about the blogs sold with google ranks in the market. They know well about this. Though google and advertising network‘s have all technologies in Internet with them as a leading and established browser with a sound set up.

I feel Money makes many in Blog Advertising network engage advertisers and Bloggers to exploit people on the earth. What a funny situation even here we people could not able to have clean world with our corruption.

Google rank change to zero from 3 is has shocked me. The acts of blog advertising network who engage Bloggers and advertisers were also revealed here. This network act has a mediator in the term of olden days and gain huge revenue.

You can refer on this matter with many Bloggers on this earth  to know the correctness of the matter here.

Advertisers as a whole totally can create a pressure on google to have a set up for Blog advertising through Google Ad sense network, is my humble suggestion.

Advertisers must show their interest by protesting to work with the advertising network’s who Link both Bloggers and advertisers. Bloggers is an asset of Google or a part of google. Advertisers has to get arranged with a common set up on business ethics with google is the most urgent need of this time. The revenue will go Google network.

 Blog advertising network’s set up were have to be forced to go out of this business.

Google must come forward to have a real justice to his/her babies as Bloggers in this business. Google has to start a clean world at Bloggers. It has to take measures to remove the options facility at new post in the Left hand bottom.i BELIEVE THAT GOOGLE CHAIRMAN AND HIS TEAM HAS TO TAKE CARE ON BLOGGERS. Poor  bloggers like me got shelter by google, now I suggest,  google can shuffle the ranking officials on every three months to safe guard poor people like me. Instead of increasing the confidence on Blog advetising network ,it's time to google to start her own blog advertising business is my opinion/

Let us hope Google will react to this post.   people who may have understanding with the network who sell blogs with google ranks has to be punished at google/Sites on Internet.

Thank you.

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