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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Day 2012 - New Year Live

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London Fireworks on New Year's Day 2012 - New Year Live

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New Year Greetings 2012 through google.com

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I wish you all a Happy New Year 2012.

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Hi friends

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hi visit to know the other Zodiac and stars  and forecast available at http://earncashfromlink.blogspot.com.Rush to read the Preditions for 2012.

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How is 2012 for SAGITTARIUS Born in the world?

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Hi friends How is 2012 for SAGITTARIUS Born in the world? yes stars covering Moola,Poorvashada,Uthrashada 1,:

forecast for you:

This year is with mostly get you Good results.You will join in a New Job/new Business oroccupying new position in your office as a promotion is possible.

Your debts and loans will be cleared  and you will buy propertiesin real estate.You will occupy your ancestral properties. yo will get success in your exams or competitions . You will rejoin with your close relative.You will get quick promotions in this year. You will be loved by your elders and superiors.

Happy moments in your family can be expected.You will go on pilgrimage or tour and travel to Templesare likely. You may make your family to live with you due your transfer in a distance location. 
you will go to long distance from your family for a career / Job promotion. thismay create your family people to get seperated. You will reuinoin with amale relative and who will be with you as a support at your Job location.Avoid Black and white shades and things in that.

In Love you will fall with a New one. You will understand about a relative and try to reunion relationship. a special relationship is on the way. or this may be due to some departured/seperated/passed away  from your life.


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How 2012 for Zodiac Scorpio Born in the world?

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How 2012 for Zodiac Scorpio Born in the world? stars covering this Rasi / Zodiac are Visagam4,Anusham,Jyeshta,:

Forecasts for you:

You will recieve divine grace at work.

up to July 2012 you are not in a position to obtain any promotion in your Job or career/business. 

Your income/payments get delayed or exploited. you will change your business. up to june this situation will prevail,after july slightly improvedconditions in income can be seen. a woman to a man or a man to a woman will focus a ditch for your desire . a woman with you at all times will disturb you.you must go with financial alternatives. circulation of funds in the first 6 months will be very tough.

your health will face problems. only from september you will get start recover. small problems in your health is expected. You will do a great achievement with all these discomforts.

you will like to enjoy relationship ,for that you will get a support and help from a close relative is can be witnessed. You will have some under ground  positive agreements with one of your relative with whom you like to relation. 
You will be tensionful through out the year if you tensed and last control than you will face troubles so Try to Control yourself in all matters.
After July you will be with full tension because of a friend you had in past life.

you will have frequant travels due to a elder of your family will make you seperated from your family. this worst situation may be found in some life.
In your Job you will travel extensively for business. seperation from spouse is expected. in september you will get rejoin with your spouse again.success is very far for you in this year in many matters. you likely to buy properties in this year before July.Memory loss will make you failed in all competitions in your studies.


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Hi ,How 2012 for Zodiac LIBRA Born in the world? stars Chitra 3,4,swathi, Visagam - stars

Hi this the forecast for you:

In Love your relations will end.You will find some new person in your life. You may get seperated /Divorced.
small accidents or ill health may cause regular check up or treatment in the year 2012. Your flexible and adjustable to circumstances will make you to achieve your needs.You may be isolated for a period from your family this may be up to July or september 2012. changes will be forced on you.

You will be contacted by your past friend or relative which create troubles to you in your life.This is inevitable in many Libra born.

 Matters impossible and left a side in the past will  get  possible in ashort time. Your ideas will get you promoted and a friend /relation will advice you properly to get things done. Youneed to take the advice of that friendor relation. He willshow you the right way of to things. 
The invested but looked as not recievable will now come to you as a fortune. Speculations will not be Gainful.

You will get mixed life in all walks of your life.Your brothers or sistersor Mother will get sick and will be a worry for you. Your spouse ill health is expected. Your health is unsatisfactory through out the year.
after 3 months that is from april you must show much interest in health and travel or driving. Even if you walkor cycling you may get in to a small accident is possible.Drive anything wife safe mode.
your childrenmust be given care. Not to Invest in any share market or any speculations. 
You will bad results from all shades of Green.


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