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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Buzz It
Hi friends followers here is a mesage about AIR INDIA.

The Pilot and all employees of AirIndia is on strike is known to all in the world. Their demands are seems to be right.

First and the Most prime demand of the people on strike is Government Must come for Dialogue. Thier is nothing wrong in this. But Government and the Minister of the Aviation Department Must start a Dialogue as early as possible is the demand from the People. People as passengers are in Trouble. Buisness in Crores in Loss to Government. If the Dialogue is not taking Place immediately than it is also a Corruption and It is also a Loss bringing Avenue to Government and People of this world. Air services are stopped completely. No action from Government and Government Threatens the people by telling Legal Laws and its sections,it is not right at the movement. It can be a starting point at the Dialogue. Government Must remeber Foriegn involvement in this strike is also a threat and possibility. If the Government is for the People,by the people and to the People as per preamble of Indian constitution than The Government headed by Mr.Manmohan singh must come forward to start  dialogues to resolve the ethnic issue.

Media and Press must involve in this matter now and to create a pressure on Government for a Dialogue.

Thank you. 

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