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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tata Motors showcases Aria

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Hi to my dear readers,viewers,visitors,followers ,supporters,and broad casting friends here is a news about a new generation in automobile - Tata Motors showcases Aria.This is yet another silent revolution From TATA Team by staging multi-utility and sports utility vehicle. This is what you will be expecting . Yes is your answer. You have expected this two in one in automobile. This is another commitment to auo Industry by Mr.Ratan Tata and his Team. well done and keep going with a innovative mind set to energize the words by Ratan Tata , that is "We will not be defeated."

Please spare few seconds to read a great the lines from Mr. Ratan Tata- "My memory goes 20 years back when we were a truck manufacturer. This is the venue where we introduced Indica and became a passenger car manufacturer."Two years back, we also introduced Nano ."

Tata group chairman Ratan Tata Tata: We will not be defeated.Courtesy: . This is yet another News flashed by CNN to claim his authority in media. well done.        

This is the comments from this  Tata Motors showcases Aria  will encourage all other auto Industry owners to work in full swing to meet the challenge. To know more visit "THE ECONOMIC TIMES" IN "Google Advanced Search " .

So you are now prepared to buy the vehicle.Already more than 7 lakhs people are going to drive TATA Nano . 

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