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Sunday, January 17, 2010


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Hi my dear friends, readers, followers, and broad casting friends Thank for staying connected.  I request you all to raise your voice to Governments/rulers in the nations to Privatization of employment exchange's run by Government. I feel they are not functioning to the need of the human society. They do very lethargic and sluggish in nature. So Government in all countries may opt for privatization or may hand over the employment exchanges owned by government to be operated by consultantancy groups like Tata consultancy and etc for a trail period. After wards the government can decide on this matter. 

Even you may think that this is my personal curse to employment exchanges. All people in this world will feel the same in this matter. No body will vary in this opinion. This is an unwanted expenditure to the governments with the present set up of administration. This is my opinion. Please share on this topic.

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Multi functional chair

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Hi my dear readers, viewers, followers, broad casting friends, media, press, and internet users on Google Thank you for staying connected. I welcome and solute to your kind support at all times. I know you are eagerly waiting to read a new post.

Here it is. This is a message letting you know Multi functional chair. My dear friend you have demanded me information about Medical chairs. I find that sella - new generation multi functional chair is ergonomically and friendly design brings a number of advantages and ease for immobile person and service staff. It is low weight, sitting comfort in all private care with adjustable armrest, central brake increases Patient safety, light weight comfortable for transport, Easy to clean and maintain and other facilities. To know more on this beautiful presentation by K M Bio Med available at Madurai, India visit the site www.bestmedical.in to order your requirements. The technology you can Trust. I do not have sufficient money at this time; i am a poor fellow ,otherwise I will buy one and present it to you for your comfort. Please forgive me. I love humane.

Government / rulers may order this type of chairs to be made available at all government hospitals as a care by the government.

I know you will not miss this opportunity of buying Electrical motorized chairs for your convinience.Do not hesitates to delay in this matter. Go ahead to buy this and use to get high comfort and Live better to enjoy this world.

Note: Requesting people who can able to support financially and instrumentally please go head for these instruments purchase and may direct the same to the suffering people at Haiti.  Or you can send your Donations in this form of medical chairs and bed and other instruments to United Nation’s organization, and it will be useful to care people where ever in trouble on this earth. Or at this time may please donate to Organize America.com to help U S government to help the people in need.

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