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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New chief Minister to Uttar Pradesh ?

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New chief Minister to Uttar Pradesh ? Befor New chief minister sworn in Voilence sworn in many districts and claimed Human Lives. Law and order is not under control.

At this situation Smajwadi party leader Mulayam singh and his son Akilesh yadav were M.P. in the union Government.

As per Planets Position Mulayam singh can not sworn in as chief Minister. But Planets are favorable to Mr. Akilesh singh Yadav . so He is goig to be the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for the next Assembly.

But if Mulayam singh access the Chief Minister office than the government may run for a maximum period of 9 months.By that period His maraga period that is his life may end or health condition will not allow to continue as chief Minister. so Now Making Akilesh singh Yadav as Chief Minister is a wise matter.

Mr.Akilesh singh Yadav is the Next Chief Minister at Uttar Pradesh in India.

Congress party is happy and successful in sending out or expelling Mayawathi from the Government at Uttarpradesh. This is what Congress wanted. Here after No More chance to Mayawathi in Politics. Mayawathi will be out of politics. Otherwise she will beimprisoned on many corruption charges. This steps will follow immediately after the new Government sworn in.


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