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Monday, September 27, 2010

holiday destination resort

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This is the latest information letting you know, Where to stay at Giza.
Your holiday not a long one; it would make sense to stay near Giza to help you beat the heat.

The Move pick Resort Cairo - Pyramids seems much easier than other hotels around. This resort also has a tennis court and a large swimming Pool.

So enjoy the holiday season at this resort.
Thank you for your visit.

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thanks Google ad sense

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Hi to my dear friends we know pretty well that Blog is a gift and a best service for advertising from Google.com so we people on the earth has to pay our salute and respect Google at all times. Google has paved way to many people /family to survive. An indirect way of employment by Google through out the world. A potential way of advertisements to bring promotion to any business. Thanks to Google.
let us have the help and support from Google.com
At this time I like to say one word. Google.com can say that Google ad sense is a compulsory service at Google blog. No need to pay for that. also Google may permit that any clicks in the advertisement from Ads by Google may be paid by the advertiser directly to the blog owner.
Google can arrange a similar set up at Yahoo.com also,because Yahoo is also a part of Google.com.Compromising Positions The Gift

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Hi this is about the feature film endhiran. This is a special film because huge Investment.with a big banner "sun Pictures". we never saw super star with some clipping's created advertisement to call attention of people to view this feature film. In the history of super star films No such level of advertisements to attract mass has created. Always superstar acted film were with high notations went successful. looking at these huge advertisement made people talking negative about the film. In studio areas people talk that the same group of actors worked at "kuselan" were again worked in this film.

No strong comedians like vadivel missing in this film is also a minus point.

people with political enemy will bring the dvd of the film to the market is to be cared.

other important thing is new future film's publication/release at Internet will also create damage to the investment. on-line movies sites releasing films with in 4/5 days from the date of release in on line . this has a big concern to any producers in the film industry.
all movies released in all countries were allowed to available with local trans literature has reversing effect from the producers of up countries. they also release dvd of our film's produced in Indian languages .
so their should be moral binding policies in this mater must be arrived as a memorandum of understanding.
let me hope film industry people including sun pictures will care on these matters.
thank you.

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