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Thursday, September 22, 2011

People may demand Brittania closure?

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Hi this is about People demand Brittania closure? 

Yes! this is the latest Flash news in People Talk in the Town in India. people in India say Britishers left India in 1947. But , why India have a company for years with a name  as Brittania. This is teh name to keep Brittain in to the mind of the people for centuries. 

Now Sunfeast a brand available in shops as Biscuits and snacks. The important matter is the quality of this sunfeast Biscuits are very attarctive and price very cheap.Milk Content present in the Biscuit is witnessed by people while they bite.

So Now people in India decided to demand this Britania Biscuits company Must to go for a Name change. People recommend to this company to increase its Taste and quality further.

If the name Brittania is not changed Than as per the rumours in the People Talk ,People in India first like to neglect the Purchase of this Biscuits for their children. People wish that they do not wnt to give Buiscuits which bearing a Foriegn country Name. 

Brittania company may think on this and to act accordingly may a be a good thing.


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