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Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Sri Raja Gopalachari known as Rajaji, the first and the Last Governor general of India, explains the Word "Brahmin" in the preface of the Book "BagawatGita" written by him is, “One who pray for others well-being is called a Brahmin” as per varnashrama Dharma.
As per This all politician’s and Ruler’s on the earth are all Brahmin, Untill they do good deeds for the well being of the People.
 so it is clear that this is clear that brahmin is  not a community,so it is a need on this fact  to remove  brahmin from forward caste.It is a community of people now engaged in all sort of jobs. again it confirm it is not a caste to be continued as forward caste. with this chance if the caste is removed from forward caste than it is also a deed for the well being of the people.Many live in poverty. Poverty has to be removed is also a concern.
Politicians has to go for changes ,and this is the right time.

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