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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Buzz It

Hi my dear readers,friends , viewers,and followers here at this blog, Thank you to all. I have immense pleasure to have you all staying connected. Also I feel that I am lucky to have you all as my followers for ever. let us stay connected. 

Here is a  mess age letting you know Linkworth.com.

This is a site where all bloggers can submit their blogs with appropriate information duly filled in the prescribed form here at the site. Now Please read the following line which you can see at the site. It is purly in the interest to have a good relation ship with us.

This is the line,Tell Us What You Would Like To See,

have a suggestion or request to make LinkWorth work better for you? Post your comment and let us know.

With this great opportunity i would like to say my suggessions. Linkworth is helping and supporting all blogs submitted with in its fixed norms.

My suggession: As a blogger i have submitted my 7 blogs here at this site to get their support in link post. My blogs while submissions did not had google rank. After a long period Now two of my 7 blogs got google rank 2. This is a valuable asset to any blogger.

Here at this site ,Link worth.com can have the automatic updation of ranks of Blogs submitted like in other few sites .  

They accept the submission of the blogs and as soon the blogs ranked they do have the auto updation of google rank in their site . so the blogger can get in to the site login area to look for offers. in different times in a day they do give offers and we have to click the accept button. then a blogger will strat writing the accepted post with the requirements of the offer. 

In Link work.com do not have such facility. for example I have forgotten the password and user name of my blogs. Luckily I could able get the details to login at Link worth.com ,  here i could not see my blog submitted details. THier is no provision. so in submit/manage blogs area if submit the blogs with rank ,I recieve this reply, * Site Address: Website Address already in our system, please type a different one. I do not know how to get the support and help from Link worth.com. Their is a feed back you can represent your query and a ticket will be generated to give you reply. But In this process even after more than 10 times   I could not able to get the support of Linkworth.com. 

So I like suggest that Linkworth.com can have the google rank auto(click the image) updation to help bloggers to get their offers at link post. 

or Link worth.com can delete all blogs with out google rank in your records and can have a option , saying ,bloggers can resubmit blogs if their blogs have google rank/reduced rank,increased rank.On every change bloggers can be asked to resubmit their blogs at the sites.

At present both facility is not available . May please Linkworth.com can  help bloggers like me on this matter. A solution is requested on this matter from the Management Team of Linkworth.com. submission of blogs must be meaningful.  By accepting the suggession here Linkworth.com can make the blog submission really meaningful and worthful.  

Linkworth.com can give  user name password details to bloggers  to the blogs submitted to them from their records. This facility is a must to bloggers.  In my case On this matter their is no help offered against many requests has to be noted. This is for a kind information only.

Linkworth must  not let down our belief and faith over the site. 

I strongly believe that Linkworth.com Team have Professionals who do not like mistakes in their growth and in the growth of their partners.

Link worth will not mistake me  and penalize me because i have written this post  as an answer to  this line at linkworth.com ,Tell Us What You Would Like To See - 
have a suggestion or request to make LinkWorth work better for you? Post your comment and let us know

My blogs http://splashoutman.blogspot.com - google rank  - 2.  http://youhavewonyahya-youhavewonyahya.blogspot.com - google rank -2.  please support me by furnishing username and pw details to my respective e mails.
I like to have a positive reply by a positive approach by linkworth  here on this suggessions.

Please to Inform that the same problems exists at the site  Review me.com also. Same suggestion may be looked in as a (click the image)consideration to help bloggers blogs with ranks.

review me.com team,PLease do not mistake me  on this  post matter. 

Please to Inform that the same problems exists at the site www.loudlaunch.com   also.Resubmissions of blogs will definitely enable the benefit to all and to the job made easy to float the blogs in the advertisers area.Same suggestions may be looked in as a (click the image)consideration to help bloggers blogs with ranks.

Getting google rank is a reward to hard work. if Google ranked blogspots are treated for offers than the sites are not really reaspecting google Rank. i hope the sites properly understand this etics in this blog advertisement business.

Thank you. visit again and again.

Why i am requesting this to get streamlined becaused I am a victim once at myopera blog. myblog name is LifeLine isLove.at myopera.com .Opera claims to be the fastest in all activities in browser world.But in my case my blog was on Google rank 5. so i submitted the same blog at Payperpost.com,a unit Izea.com. Then i got offers ,when it was reaching 611 dollars on that day my opera .com suddenly banned the blog. so payperpost.com denied that payment completely. so it is huge loss to me. i am also taking care of a cancer patient at my home. where is the humanity consideration?I appealed to all in this matter. no body concisered this matter  even on humanitarian grounds.  I really learned a lesson what a greedy world this is towards money. and acting like helping people by many charitable organizations.Many sages and their charities/trust and charities for diseases across the world are not doing their job  with 100% perfection. In the case of trust fo diseases is also not perfect as per me.We are all going to become ashes or soil again after  100 more years or few years. we all know we all born to live,even for job done by me payment has not been paid by peyperpost.com. what a cunning people with exploting mindset. So we are all living in between cunning and cruel people ,who enjoy all comforts in their life and also they declare themselves by using their money they are  all charity and endowment minded. what a funny world. It is surprising still we are all living with the same funny world  hold huge black money (unaccounted money),with the help of banks. In the name of business few banks say that also a profesional act,though it is a cheating to the human society.

My humble request is please allow people to survive  on the earth by  caring them in over growing financial crisis.  

I can say many ideas for bringing the black money in to white money.

For sample one idea is , all and allow all rich people to bring any quantum of money in their open account for a year or two.(between specified dates year from and year to).Do not charge /levy/punish any person in the name of tac or through media reports.

After such said period Liquidate all remaining block money by freezing the account in any banks in part of the world. with in the said period arrange to try to bring New dollar/money/currency formats with new secrets. so the blockd money at any bank/source cannot be used even not freezed with any bias operations.

by this acts Fund flow will be very high in this world. so people will find living smooth and safe.Growth will come automatically to overcome the crisis in this world.

In Otherwords Financial crisis cannot be corrected by any genius in this world.

rest in the next post. Thank you all.Please let me excused for any inconvinience caused to any ruler/government/people/banks/business/etc/.


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