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Saturday, March 24, 2012

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what is the National Game of England? Cricket is a very popular game in some countries of the world.

It is the National Game of England.

Every year the Board of Control organises test matches on international basis. These matches promote friendly relations and co operations. Top players are selected to participate in them. They attract a large number of spectators from far and near.

Huge Fund flow to any nation is possible on conducting a Cricket Test Match between international Teams.I watched a game. The opening batsman of England played steadily. They went on pilling up the score. The Indian spinners and fast bowlers tried hard to dislodge them. They bowled many maiden overs. The batsman hit fours and continued scoring fast and fixed a huge Target.

The Indian Team did not fare well. The Bowlers of the other team caused havoc.The Indian batsman could not stand their onslaught and their wickets fell fast. They were given follow-on. But they could not make up the difference and lost the match by one innings and Ten Runs. The match lasted five Days.

Thanks.I will come back with yet another interesting story about another contest in my next post.

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