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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My suggession to Google and Advertisers and sponsors

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Hi my Dear Google Team,Blogger.com Team 
I strongly believe that on this suggestion making a year end meet with Google Team People like Mr. Ted Murphy,Mr.Ron Wicker and other delegates will arrange to discuss to design this suggestion of mine.
My Suggestion.:-

Noe at Google blog at blogspot.com   in new post box while posting a advertiser post the requirement may be as follows. that is Link in the posts and image .This is the present scenario.I humbly suggest that here the Link can be along with sound track.. so Google has to offer a provision of a icon to get HTML of a music sound track  through which the Link with sound track can be fixed in the offered post to a blog.
The Benefits:-
By applying this suggestion ; people as viewer's,friends,media broad casting friends, and all visitors who click link's in apost can able to arrive the site instantly .As soon they reach the site the site information will be broad casted .so the sound track will enable the customers and viewer's to get in to the matter's very easily and with out strain. They need not strain their eyes and read all the way to get in to know the details. so Hearing a message is easy than reading a message. Also the hearing makes to all people in a house or business center can hear the advertisement.so any doubt's will be clarified in between themselves. 
Also on hearing on any doubts customer care of the site in the link can be attached on Toll Free Number's .

To a viewer or customer,visitor of a blog post,the reading strain  will become Zero and they feel happy and will try to view many Links than the usual..Their by Business growth can be expected more than the Present time.
 Now blog post can be seen at mobiles. so by providing the sound track at links for the connected matter from the respected site will allow all mobile listener's  easy . This will also boost the sales in any Business. Economy will improve in all nation.People life will prosper in all nation.This is what we need at this time in this world.

while going through the site visitor's /customer's/viewer's can able to listen the sound track of the same matter will reduce the time of Reading and remove the strain of reading. This is my humble Suggestion to My Dear respected Google Team. I strongly believe and Hope M/s Google and advertisers will come forward to appreciate me or reward me for this suggestion.   

I would like to tell that My thoughts were went true at all time till date with the God Grace.
Thank you all. 

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