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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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Tulasi and vasaka.
 In health care Ayurveda medicines prepared from Herbals are very effective in long term use. You can get relieved from the disease completely after consuming a course of Herbal medicine Tulasi and Vasaka. These are available in capsules and powders.
A capsule of Tulasi offers complementary restorative actions to help recover faster from common cold, sore throat, and other upper respiratory infections.
Two capsules of vasaka after meals provides respiratory comfort by exerting expectorant action.
You would have seen that old ladies in families do apply this vasaka as a paste at the top of the stomach when a child cry due to stomach pain/digestion problem.
Nature’s best.
Please go ahead with these medicines which are nature’s gift. Many leading Indian herbal medicine manufacturer's with an experience over 75 years manufacturing these products.
Nature’s best. Herbs are gathered from forests in a sustainable way or cultivated in a natural bio-friendly environment.
This has high value and role in Indian cultural heritage.
To have hand in this cultural heritage please make your business trips to India.
Thank you for shopping the herbal medicines is a part of your health care.

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Professional qualification and its value is must

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Dear sir
this accounting studies become meaningless because it is paving way to reduce income to Government.government can run and implemnet many developments with revenue she yields. but due wrong account written by many , government looses revenue is practical status. This has to change. we cannot blame Accounting professionals. but by forcing people and sellers to sell all with Bills/Invoices bearing cst and state tax numbers will result a bright future to Government.
(to read thispost in detail may please visit the blog)For examples In tamilnadu people are fond of jewels is known to all. so they buy it from jewelleries who never prefer to sell with invoices,also people have mind set to avoid bill by a wrong information they are saving more than 10% ,is the pressure created by sellers.
we find huge sales in akshya tritheyai day all over India. I believe that is the one day sales can bring Huge revenueto Government,this is with the statistics of Gold and silver sold and the rates /sale price command's on that day. Even advance booking takes place. But Government on the other hand not getting huge revenue. if yes government would have reflected by saying in this one day sale Government has got huge revenue about .....But Not happened.
Government can create pressure on Gold sellers.it is the need of thsi time.I believe so.

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