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Monday, August 24, 2009

Google Rank

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My dear viewer's and friends and advertiser's here is a message letting you know Google Rank. Google rank is not offered on the basis of any standards. This is my personal experience.
I humbly inform you all not to get started with blogging at g blog. Many said including me that blog is a good platform for business. It is true. But it is not applicable to all people. The team at Google Rank is offering rank to their friends and relatives and people linked in business with them.
This blog of mine had Google rank 2.till yesterday. But today morning it has become zero. It has not got reduced to 1 or not increased to 3.
This is a beautiful game by google with few business people from all countries.
Blog is not a common place for all people to earn. It is benefiting Google and other few companies. This is the only a fraud from a American company google from America.
This is a platform well used by politicians and Film industry people.
Here Iam questioning the authority of Google ranking Team, how dare they can reduce the rank to zero? By this wrong act advertisers will neglect to pay.
Blog is meant for earning. Money making is the prime matter in blog posting.
My blogs on Goggle rank three, two, one were become zero. Then I requested google on this matter.immidiately google reversed the rank to 2 from zero. The foolish act established here at this blog because of this act. Other blog with ranks were not reverted. All on zero rank. Now with this rank 2
Blog got few posts. Now the payment for those posts will be neglected. What a game by Google.
Here I want to say one more secret about this google rank. You can write to command at Izea than with in no seconds google will offer ranks. This is my personal experience. Google norms and rules are all for name sake for innocent people like us.
Do not believe Google blog. if you believe than you are giving a chance to google to exploit you.
This google rank creates huge pressure on blogger's. So any charitable Law chambers may get in to action to stop this ranking.
Ranking is an act of exploitation. I feel Izea may be a second door of google. Such an understanding in all areas, right from blog approval.
I am totally frustrated with this act of google and my blood pressure is disturbed. My health is spoiled by this act of Google ranking Team.
I humbly request Mr. President and the founder of Google team please dismiss the team at google ranking job or please shuffle the people in duration of 2 years to different areas in the country. On behalf of people on earth please teach a lesson to this team google ranking Job. Simply wipeout google ranking from the blogger.com business.
Or please explain in what way Google rank is superior to other companies in the Internet. Other ranking companies’ ranks are not valued by advertisers.
Then the play as advertisers is also from google from another door. or the other Ranking people offering ranks are simply baseless. Why they are offering rank?
Why this exploitation is continued? Why The American Government is not looking at this matter? This money making Blogger platform was found to be correct in Mr. George w Bush administration. Now Mr. Barack Obama is not looking at the welfare of people on the earth.
Also by making the rank Zero and stopping the business clearly indicates that the Recovery from the financial crisis is under question. Why Mr. Barack Obama is allowing this? Why he is not questioning Google Head quarter's at America.
I have the option to feel that this is a shameful act of Google ranking Team at Google.
My dear reader's please stop your blogging and do not post anything at your blogs. Stop it completely and automatically the light will be thrown on the business at Google blogging.Let the matters come to light to the knowledge of people on the earth.
Bye bye thank you my dear readers for your kind support.Blogger.com is a wrong area where only wrong people can do well.
Further to this stop your Blog posting right from today. Get Start posting with the new blogspot blogs with google rank 3 and 5. Yes buy blogs with google rank and make money. It is the business done by many people successfully. They secure more than times from the blog purchased value. This is a way to learn that g blog and blogspot.com is exploitation.
At blog you will be asked or allowed to write posts on politics. Politics is also a matter at blogger. On the other hand if your post is questioning any act of the ruler’s or government than the ruler’s /government will ask the bloggerteam of Google to stop ranking your blog/you will not get any earning from your blog. So all these confirms Google blog, blogspot.com is an act of exploitation to innocent people on this earth. Please trust all these Lines and avoid blog at blogspot.com from g blog.

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Nutrition from the fruits

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My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. 

I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know Nutrition from the fruits. I would highly recommend this .Please do remember, fruits will cause significant good impact to your vitality.

Many people take fruits at the time of food. But fruit juices are highly effective and best, immidiately after you wake up in the morning. Morning Apple, carrot and ginger as juice cleanse your system perfectly. Normally it is advised to take ginger in the morning and sukku (the dried form of ginger) in the after noon will keep your health fitness.

I want you to be benefit on every post at this blog. Please tell to your friends about this.

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