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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Google chrome

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Hi to my dear readers here i like say few words about google chrome.  This is a very good tool bar with well designed set up. but google is adding its toolbar in this ,previously this is  optional.
number two, Google chrome is offered with anti spy ware and anti virus  and other things as a package. I also downloaded twice . But both the times I had experiences to Format my computer. This problem has happened twice. so humbly appealing Google to offer only the browser with out any additions will help many browsing hassle free.  This is my opinion.
Internet explorer is doing well with out any troubles. That also previously had one problem. Now completely working well in my browsing. This is my experiences.
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Blogger.com is not working properly at opera .com is also a problem.In particular Publish post option is not working in opera browser.
opera may please arrange to help in this matter.

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merge blogs

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Hi my dear readers ,followers,media friends and new visitors at this blog , here is a new post on merge blogs . Like to have information from any one from my well wishers or from Google team to help me in this matter. Please let me know how to merge blogs. I have started 8 blogs with the intention to make money from blogging. Blogs should have page rank of Google . this is a vital to any blog to get sponsor/advertisers offers. In my case for all of my 8 blogs page rank is zero. so I have failed in my mission to earn money from blogs. Even I waited for a long time to get revenue from Google ad sense. I had a idea and feeling that, writing many blogs may fetch huge earnings from ad sense. This opinion of mine is also went wrong. till date (after 3 years) I haven't got any revenue from Google ad sense. So i Felt I am not Lucky. I clearly understood Google has complete control on all blogs, even though blogs are completely free .It decides who has to earn in blogging.
Also I understood alexa traffic is not a mark for getting Google rank. Google is not respecting Alexa traffic information. Advertisers were also not valuing Alexa.com traffic details of any blog.
At last I have decided to go for merging my 8 blogs in 2 or 3. Because counting the non sponsored posts at my blogs  , the total may get some award  due to highest number of non sponsored posts.
With huge posts sponsored reviews.com Only has offered few posts. No other offers from any other site. Now sponsored reviews,com has also stopped offers.
Now all offers are distributed at United states of America only. No posts to Bloggers from India.
I understood this is the policy of the U S government. But Google in India why try to revenue to their country ? and how The Indian government is also google to take revenue to U S.
let me get informed about the merging of blogs, Please. By merging my blogs in to one my blog with one url will have Highest number of nonsponsored posts. so google ranking will also a possibility. so My blogs will also get earnings.
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