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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Financial crisis in India get started?

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Financial crisis in India get started? yes!. today banks owned by government of India were on strike,it is on continue on 23.8.2012 also.

A T M were may not function with out sufficient funds.people suffer.

due to a sudden decision of closing Banks in villages and privatization of all other Bank branches ,now erupted a talk in people ,that most of the people may likely close their deposits and may wish to withdraw their funds from the banks with immediate effect in the next week. so Instead of privatization, Banks owned by Government will get closed. So Government machinery will fail?.

after privatization no safety to people money is also a talk prevails in between people in all gathering areas. Congress leader Mrs.Indira Gandhi Nationalized banks in her Rule, now her Daughter in law Mrs sonia going to do Privatization of Government owned Banks.

political parties must get united to protest against this policies of government for the welfare of our Nation ,on bankings owned by government is a need of this time is my view.

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Privatization - Banks Goes on strike! Government of India like to hand over Nationalised Banks to Private Owner's?.

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Banks Goes on strike! Government of India like to hand over Nationalized Banks to Private Owner's?.

Mr.Kandelwal report issued to Government of India suggested many points for collapse of Indian Economy.

India going to face a Huge Financial crisis about Ten Times of Euro Zone Crisis may be if Union Government of India proceeding with the suggestions of Kandelwal . Government of India by U.P.A. by Mrs.Sonia making a wrong Move!.

With immediate effect ;


all Branches of Banks owned by Government functioning at Villages will get Closed with immediate effect .


about 3,00o,oo people in employment were going to retire. Suggested and accepted by Government of India is to use out sourcing to do the se jobs done by these Employees. Generating second line and third line in action to take care these retirements is Blocked .

SO Banks Goes on strike for two days. that is today and tomorrow.(22.8.12,23.8.2012.)

Opposition Political Parties in India like C.P.M.,B.J.P.,Trinamool congress,samajwadi party and others were not at all showing any sign of support to the striking Bank staffs on Streets across India?

about Ten Lakhs employees from Banks were on strike today on streets?.

why B.J.P. is not joining in this reasonable strike to oppose the Government.? on this A big revolution by People to demand the Parliament to dissolve is Possible. Young people with out employment were may be join with you all. College students with Dreams about employment may also join with you all.

why B.J.P. and other Political Parties hesitate to Join with Bank striking staffs on streets of India? opposition parties to come out of Parliament and work with people. Instead of Jail Baro,Rail ruko, and legal issues , may please join with people, if you feel that you are for the people?.

Foreign Banks and business center's with their Bank set up is Permitted as per Kandelwal suggestions by Government of India.Why B.J.P. and C.P.M., and others were enjoying this pain of Government employees?.

In Future Congress may work on a suggestion to out source M.P.'s and M.L.A.'s from foreign countries to run the Parliament of India?. will you accept and agree on this?.

Privatization of Parliament of India May be the next Ultimate by Congress Government?.


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