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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Parvez Mushraff

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Here is a message about Parvez Musharraf. He is the ex president of Pakistan. By character he is a touch Person.  It is natural because he is a Military Trained person. He is a fanatic in Islam He is is a Born Indian and left Pakistan at childhood and worked for Pakistan development which can not be denied by any one in this world. He has not under stood India properly is the only feeling in us. 

He should have allowed democracy and election and Mrs.Benazir Bhutto entry to Pakistan. He did every thing but it is too late.Now he is blamed for the death of  Benazir Bhutto. He cannot be the person  involved in this brutal killing. Possibility of her Husband would have done this plot. or some body in the car traveled who would have killed her. The blood shed marks in the car  showed on the resting part of the seat create a suspect that she would have been killed by some one in the car. 

This is my view and this view being sent to Interpol of that time.As per Holy Quran Blood shed and killing people and animals is Haram. Follower's of Holy Quran  will not do this. why I mention this because Mr. Parvez Musharraf is a strict follower of Holy Quran. As per observation in Pakistan administration by Parvez Musharraf  has done only one Mistake , that Dismissal of Supreme court Judge.

Judiciary Must be respected by all in all Nations. He would have allowed Benazir Bhutto entry to Pakistan before election itself. This act would have created a good image in the international status to him. Because she had a mass behind her.  Now international rulers must come forward to help him to save his Life . The entry at Pakistan is a Danger calling to Parvez is the situation.  Killing  people and leaders  will not solve any matter in this world.
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jewelry box

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This is the latest information letting you know,Crazy skiers .Costumed skiers take to the slopes of Phoenix park Pyeongchang,Gang-won on Feb. 15. it was the 7th year the event was held.also to note these photographs can be placed in your Jewel box .exiciting touch.try this.
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