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Sunday, May 20, 2012

French find new first lady "distant" - poll

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I have posted the image of France Flag in this post which I wished because the site showing the flag in the coverage with the back ground of Effil Tower. But it looks like flag Link fly in the middle of the stem. I felt that this Photography was not watched good in reuters.com. It is all right.
French find new first lady "distant" - poll.
Hollande told Reuters he was "confident" and "sure" earlier today when he stopped for a lunch break, and supporters are already gathering in Bastille Square in anticipation of victory.
twitter.com says; In #Tulle someone has gone on 2 podium. Crowd goes wild, but it's just French broadcaster TF1 doing a report from next president's podium.
New French PM to focus on balancing state finances.
French minister shows up in jeans and causes sensation.French finance minister Moscovici a European specialist.
more than 70% voters voted .
This is a sign of beating Mr.Sarkozy and his wrong policies.
o.k. any how as usual Hollande also not reciprocated to my predictions about his victory as per astrological reasons. all right Mr.Obama also not made any courtesy visit at my predictions at this blog and did not made any comment. so this is the style of politicians in the world.

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