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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

coins availability

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Hi, my dear friends and viewer's , I know that you are eagerly waiting for this new post.O MISS YOUR FACE.I MISS YOUR VOICE.I MISS YOUR SMILE.I MISS YOUR CALL.I MISS YOUR COMPANY.I MISS YOU A LOT.BUT I NEVER MISS YOUR HONEST &SWEETEST FRIENDSHIP LINK .GOOD DAY TO ALL. Please read this message about coins availability.Yes.There will be no shortage for coins in your hands. When you have planned for a travel,purchase,shopping,etc you can go with enough coins changes with you to make the seller/conductor,ticket issuing person at railway counter,etc satisfied. For Easy availability of coin changes The government has installed many teller machines at many notified busstands and Railway stations ,super markets and other areas to help you all in this regard.

so the coins availability has made free.YOu have to insert your currency note in the machine and refer the variety of changes you require. The machine will instantly disperse the exact changes as you punched . 

Now you are happy with this matter . Also you are ready to convey your sincere thanks to Government and the Bankers.

Thank you for this visit. see again .

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