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Friday, July 2, 2010

Tamil = Dr.Kalignar Karunanidhi

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Hi my dear readers and followers and media friends thank you for kind support as staying connected for ever.
Here is a news about Tamil Language and Thiruvalluvar. We people in the word know that the other Form of Tamil Language is Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi - Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in India.
He is the eldest son of Tamil mother in the present time,We people were to be proud that we are also happebed to live in his regime.
 Personally concerned I am so happy with the way in which the Tamil language was given importance by This Great Humane . He is beyond compare which you cannot deny. 
I had a feeling also in this Tamil chemozi mannadu happened. Yes! How Tamil forgot to give the same importance to Auvvaiyar? No vehichle exhibit about the great poet Auvvaiyar,No comments from any body in the conferrence. It is a surprise to me. Tamil language with her heritage and values maintained by Great poets and people at Tamil sangam at Madurai in Tamilnadu in India is a well known matter to all people of this world. This Authentic Portal for Tamil Language has not admitted Thirukural of Thiruvalluvar because he is from Budhdism. Many attempts made by Tiruvalluvar to get the approval of this Tamil sangam has been failed, But The great poet Auvvaiyar met Thiruvalluvar at that situation from the discussion she understood about the failure in acceptance of thirukural by thiruvalluvar by the Tamil sangam at Madurai. 
Immediately she took efforts by taking Thirukural accompanying Thirtuvalluvar at Tamil sangam . she debated along with all poets at that sangam of that time and with proper advice ,she convinced and made the Tamil sangam to accept the Tamil language. This great work of Auvvaiyar has to be remmebered at al times. so I believe that here after in tamil nadu Auvvaiyar will also have the high respect from Tamil and tamil nadu. 
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