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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Food - What Food consumption will save you from Cancer? Do not worry about Cancer?

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Food - What Food consumption  will save you from Cancer?

Addition of chicken in teenagers' diet will help reduce their risk of developing colon cancer, a new study has suggested.

The study of about 20,000 women, found women who consumed more chicken when they were teens had lower risks of suffering from colorectal adenomas - benign tumours, which may progress into colon cancer, Fox News reported.

The researchers found that substituting one serving per day of red meat with a serving of chicken or fish could reduce rectal and advanced adenomas' risk by about 40 per cent.

In Case if you suffer from Cancer do not worry ? Their are Very Good Doctors Like Mr.Kannan - Ex- Dean Oncology department Stanley Hospital. Many use to say that he treated Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee ,L.K.Advani and many Others . He collects very low fees for his service that also when the treatments are completed.

With My personal observations , he is not behind Money. He is strictly sincere and honest and quick on serving Patient. He advise suitably to spend very low amount in saving a life from Cancer with Proper treatments. a living Human God.

Another Gentle man And a Surgeon Mr Dr.Aalala Sundaram Director General Hospital Government of Tamil Nadu . He is also a Doctor who is showing Huge response to serve patients and No attraction on Money. an address to Doctor profession. He rushes to Hospital by his two Wheeler to avoid traffic delay in serving his patient's. As a Doctor he can also reach hospital by his Car.But not done till date.He is a well wisher of Human Lives.

With my personal observations both are Born to serve and An Address for Humanitarian in our World.


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