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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anti corruption Bill

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Hi friends ,followers and viewer's here is a genuine claim to have empowered Anti - corruption bill.

In this matter after 5 attempts and after 42 years of administration by many political parties of India,Yesterday Anna Hazare has started Fasting at Maharshtra. His genuine attempt this time is well supported by Times Now and all other Media and press and People. I studeied Jan Lokpal Bill version 1.8 and It is correct and it has to be approved and authorized with out any deviation.this  is my support to Anna Hazare. Click here to read deficiencies in our present anti-corruption systems.

In this active support from kiranbedi is a  worthful support. She is the first Police officer IPS with anti corruption Data base in service. She has not been Honored By the government's but definitely she has been penalized. She went out of her service is  Huge Loss to Indian people Society.Now she is with this Anti Corruption Bill movement,which would have generated fire in many culprits (including Political culprits) mind and Thought.

The Anti corruption bill designed have Partially in its application. so these leaders and media wants This bill to be designed as a common to all people in all society. Poor or Rich ,Judiciary or Executive,or Legislative ,The demanding Anti Corruption Bill design by Anna Hazare and People of India will provide the equal Punishment and treatment to all in front of Law. This is waht we need now. In India corruption has gave idea to many to enter in Politics and they are with the intension to loot the public welfare.

Now Young Generation like Rahul Gandhi ,Jitendra and others has to Join in this Moment with an intension to Pass this Bill as it should be.Let us see the Young Generation involvement with in a day and they have to join in this fasting Rally.  My sincere Thanks to Baba Ramdev.

Welldone Kiranbedi. I Love Police.My Solute to you for your Courege. Like you Many I P S officers has to Join united to make India Clean. A Big Revolution in India in this regard is a needy of this time.

GoM includes -
Sharad Pawar,Veerapa Moily and Kapil Sibal. Mr. Pawar and Mr. Moily have a past of corruption and mis-deeds that the entire country if aware of. to read this detail visit http://www.indiaagainstcorruption.org/ and click Write to Prime Minister: in English.

Today Mr.sharad Powar has said he is ready to be away from the committe ,formulating the Bill. But People can understand this Drama. People still suspect sharad Powar and others quoted by Anna hazare. People Know his followers are capable of anything. If this Bill passed as early as possible than it will pave way to punish the criminals and offensive .  
Thank you.
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