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Monday, June 14, 2010


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Hi dear friends and readres and follower's here is a message about Tamil language. It is believed as per the historical data and facts Tamil language is the oldest one. 
Now to add value and pay respect to this language Tamil people of tamil nadu celebrates in a great and big gathering at Coimbatore city in Tamilnadu in India. 
we like to have your best wishes for the grand success of this celebration. this meeting is going to be chaired by Honorable President of India. High efforts were taken by the Tamil nadu Government Administration Team and politicians to make this a grand success. The prime moto is to bring the attention of the people of thsi world to know about the importance of Tamil language.
People of Tamilnadu expect a help from its government . In internet langauges like Hindi,marathi,kanada,telugu,oriya were all have created its strong platform in Internet in Translitration. If we see the browser like google , firefox and others it shows Tamil language is not available with proper trans litrature . This situation has to get changed. Government has to take steps in this matter to provide all needful to Internet .
We wish this to happen.
Tamil have many wonderful litrature works in all centuries,which say about the values of this language over centuries. 
let us work together to get our language in the International table. 
I wish to say that this meet has named as "UlagaTamil chemozi Manadu"(international )World Tamil  Language conferrence),but I wish to rename this for my satisfaction as Ulaga chemmoziTamil Manadu" ((International )World Tamil Language conferrence). 
On both terminalogy I like to say that we need not to wait for the acceptance of any body, we must declare that Tamil is a world language ,so by saying "world Tamil Language conferrence" or International Tamil language conferrence" will be the apt Name for this Big meet of Intelectuals In Coimbatore at Tamilnadu in India.
here I confirm to say that i have not condemned /commented the name given to this conferrence by intelectuals at tamil Nadu. I suggest people may a have referred  at this situations through opinion on Internet atleast. Because this is the function is devoted by Tamil Nadu people to International people community.Known intellectuals are going to be staged,please allow all new intersted intelectuals to work in all situation like this. Government have the feasibility to collect many new faces from the new generation.   Valarga Tamil(Let Tamil Grow) - valarga vaiyagam(Let the World Grow) .Google may forward this to Tamil nadu government if interested.

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Thank you. 

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health and fitness

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Hi to my dear readers,follower's and friends here is hot news about Health and fitness.
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