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Thursday, May 13, 2010

examination results - education

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Hi to my dear readers and followers and media broad casting friends , here is a message  about examination and results.

For example today examination results would have got published . children would have had a feel that they have grown or they are free from school education. Actually they are stepping in to higher education is more tough in getting seats for that. Yes! even students would have scored good marks but they cannot get admission to their admiration that also in a near by college hwere they preferred to do their further studies. 

A severe strain to parents. yes they go along with their child to all institutions to get admission,but they will come back with a shock to know that the colleges have opened by many to make money. they made it as a business. Governments were also aware of it. Government will not take any action against  bribe  for admission in a college on management quota. 

but many parents though unwilling ,pay huge amount as bribe amount for admission in all colleges. The shameful message in this is many of the colleges,including medical,law, were owned by politicians,who call themselves as savier of this society. they claim that they are working for this society welfare.

People are expecting another kamarajar birth on this soil for free education / at fees prescribed by government for their children. Colleges were not following the instructions given by Big universities like Anna university . For example Anna university has prescribed a fees declaration  to follow by colleges. But colleges never respected this and Anna university has also never cared about this insult. what a funny educated fools we are.

We can change this . More than one hundred and tweleve crores people in India and in which more than 8 crores people live at Tamilnadu. 

Even many leaders say that this will get change by 2020 by sitting at a safe position and drawing huge salary and benefits. They  have not done any thing to this society when they are in powerful position has to be remembered. We know they can create confusions in between us.

Government were interested only in power again and again. But it can deploy many people by providing employment as invigilators at all colleges to curb this bribe act.

because after all these fees paid and finished four years  students are all going to be with a certificate only . is their any part of responsibility from Anna university or from affiliated colleges by anna university. This is my personal experience. children were B.E. with good score  were no employment offer from 2005 . government and other people will say their was recession . what about now. No commitment for job why to get educated by spending huge money. 

If your children is a girl make her marriage with the money you can spent for education.if your child is a son arrange for a self employment. 

Let us hope God will punish all bribe demanding colleges. let us have a clean society .

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