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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fear is a disease

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Hi, my dear viewer's Thank you for staying connected. please make your visits again and again to read the new post here at this blog. I know that you are giving good imporatnce to this blog posts.Please continue the same. here this is a New post Fear is a disease. Yes , Courage is the first medicine to cure any disease.The medicines what you are taking to get recover are secondeary only.COurage and confidence plays a vital Role infacing any problem in this society. 

Please Look in to the courage of sri Barack Obama,he is doing well in getting the recovery from the financial crisis as his first challange after he took office.

Please look in to the courage of sri Gordon Brown ,the Prime Minister of U.K. how strongly he plans to bring up the economy in the country. 

Please look in to the courage of My prime Minister Sri Manmohan Singh. already he kept the country financial status in a balancing condition,which made The Indian's to offer a great success to him to  become Prime Minister again in the current Loksabha.A great Achievement and very hard working even after severe Cardiac surgeries.Lord must Grant him a healthy Life to deal the present economy for a great success is the present wish of me.

Please Look in to the courage of My dear friend Ted Murphy,after he took charge, he brought many changes In a bold manner with ethics of Business in the bloggerworld.

Please look in to the courage of Sri Bill gates ,how nice he has transformed all his powers to his son as a director when the market was not doing well is also to be noted. With his Great support , advice and Guidence to the Present Director and to his Team, Micro Soft is doing very well .

I like to add  my opinion here , even though it is late ,I congragulate The American Government for the Award offerd to Mr. Bill gates. Already i wrote about this as a request to U  S Government  as a post  and  few e mails to the same government Regarding the same wish of me and the world.Even now i request U S gOvernment to give all support at all times by all means in all floors  which will be an ever lasting asset (Micro Soft) to America in rebuilding their economical status. 

Please look in to the confidence of Smorty Team. they do well in all situation with their business planning and supporting to the U S government in recovering the financial crisis.

Please look in to the courage and the speedy researches of the scientists on the earth. They invented vaccine for Swine flu and it is on delivery is the latest message. This is a great matter/news at this moment to all goverment's on earth,because swine flu has created threat to human lives and disturbed Tours and Travels segment business. Now with this relief message of releasing a vaccine for swine flu, Governments in all Nation will be Found Happy.The Air /flight travel business will get in to own track of business with  high busy again in a short time , is also a very great news to all people on the earth.

Thanking you for spending your great Time in reading this post. Looking for your kind visit again and again to read the followinmg posts. My sincere thanks . 

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