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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hanuman Aarthi - J.K.Sundararajan - get blessed -Love All

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Sleep 24Hours in all 365 Days and can sell your product to stock Nill at Zero effort! - Mr.Modi - to vanish "Mera Kiya and Muje kiya ? - "For the People to the People By the people" These words will have real value in it's existing in the preamble of our constitution of India!

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Mr.Modi - Mera Kiya and  Muje kiya ? " sensational words!  Also that speech of Mr.Modi on Independence Day looking  that Modi government is yet to start its journey of actions against the usage of  these words and its inherent meaning is my belief.But let me Hope it will Happen!


already I wrote my suggestions many times to Mr. Man Mohan Singh Government UPA1 and UPA2 in this regard . Also I linked the same as posts in my blogs with Rajya Sabha  Ex BJP leader as well as to Mr.Modi site.

Actually Politicians in India today ,Press and Media people know well about all data about the Ownership and business about all Petrol and diesel Pumps Functioning .Most of the Petrol and Diesel pumps belongs to Dealership. 
Press and Media do not show any interest on this issue? why is a surprise to all Indians!

till This Lok sabha they say the price fixing authority is in the Hands of Oil Companies like BPCL,Indian Oil,Hpcl Reliance and others.

all right , Union  Government can insisting the same oil companies to take the authority of delivering products by owning all petrol and diesel pumps to their own and can ask to offer the services to people Directly. By this many Over head costs in operating dealership's can be avoided and the price of Petrol and diesel and cooking Gas can be kept at a possible lowest selling Price.

This will reduce all ever growing costs of  essential goods for people survival. 

all these years all Government functioned as union government did not focused,but those government were focused on this not to implement this idea from me. why because , this idea will square or collapse the revenue or monitory benefits to Petrol and Diesel Pump Owners.
 Union Government is very strong to care this petrol and diesel sellers at all  times by all means  and failed to care people in Poor,Poverty and Middle class. 

let me hope Mr.Modi may please agree and accept to  react on this ethnic issue to make a first full stop to people with the words isme mera kiya and  Muje Kiya  ? Also I believe that people in Highest office of the Country will not use those words just like that to pull people minds and interest towards him/her Political party . If these words are used to spell to hurt the people who used  this ideologies than it is 100% right. also to drag people in administration towards clean India with the work get started ,and not to allow the politicians with that corruption mentality is a must to get started.

Sleep 24Hours in all 365 Days and can sell your product to stock Nill at Zero effort!
yes, to sell products like petrol ,Diesel Cooking gas it is needless to take much efforts .These products are not perishable. Employees of oil Companies are in high status but the employees working at end user and converting products in to Money are very low paid status.(high  profit oriented business with zero effort and on credit supplies)

The employees in oil Companies are Highly paid with High Benefits,but people involved in the same business, working at filling are very low paid and with out employment security,provided with a Huge profit to Dealers is also a Top secret. Oil Companies very well interested in making dealers to earn Huge is also a truth.

This is pathetic and painful to say ,that is in a country like India where we have lot of literates  and employed in High status  were don't ask / demand the bill for the Purchase of Petrol or Diesel. Also to Note the petrol Pump stations are also not offering Bills for the sold petrol or Diesel Except SHELL Oil Company Petrol Pumps, is also a painful Truth. Here this is a source where in India Black Money is Generated in Huge .

Oil Companies Do not have any track or control on this important issue?why Union Government and state Government were not showing any interest to correct this mistake? 

what does it mean?   BJP is telling that it will do attempts to bring Back Black money in Banks in Up Countries?!. the above issue is a Black Money generating process in inland and it has to be attended at the earliest

similarly in Petrol Pumps while filling the Guns are not allowed to release the exact quantity purchased. for example if you visit a Indian Oil Petrol Pump at Govindan Road Chennai -600 033 the petrol and diesel filling employees are not allowing the to release the right quantity to your vehicle Petrol or Diesel tank. Oil companies do not care on this Filling Guns. why I told this because petrol filling people while we ask them to lock the Gun in to the Petrol or Diesel Tank while filling after the purchasing amount fixed in the screen they do not do so and say that the Guns are not working properly.

Here Oil Companies Must take the authority to check all these problems along with the price fixing authority,it is also a compound duty of the Union and state government to react on this as a people welfare is my strong recommendation.

Except Shell Petrol Pumps we do not have automated Billing from the Pumping Machine, so that the Black Money Generation made easy!with the present set up Government or oil companies can not find the exact sales and Government can not get the receivable Tax amount for real quantity sold is also true

There was a G.O.(Government order) stopped or prohibited the sale of petrol and diesel in pet bottles. this order created huge struggle to two wheeler and Three wheelers (Auto) owners when their vehicle stopped in the mid way. we have seen that They were pulling the vehicles to petrol pumps . 

It was the  time, the shortage of petrol/diesel  filled in vehicles were easily found and pointed and demanded the solution from the petrol pump owners 
But Now by keeping a board saying petrol and diesel sale in pet Bottles Banned by Government Order they are using the possibility of filling lower amount than the required amount to be filled for the paid amount.

The above Government order was reverted is also a strong news but the petrol pumps  to offer a liter Petrol or diesel in pet bottles is to be reactivated by Government /oil companies is also a need of this time.

If up to a limit of 1 liter petrol or diesel can be sold to a person in pet bottles and which in turn a measurement check  will ensure the quantity.
their is no check from oil companies to ensure quantity and quality in regular intervals.a Vigilance team is to be formed for this by the Government.
So In conclusion I recommend My Government By Mr.Modi is to react  on the ethnic issue  to stop Black Money issues in future in India as a measure is a need.
 I strongly believe that Finance Minister will also agree on my view and will work/react on the ethnic issue for the development of the Nation as an economist and as a vehicle's owner.

 Government By Mr.Modi may please ask the oil Companies to take the authority/ownership of petrol pumps and Cooking Gas sales in its Direct control (cancelling dealerships)Own Control to make a good payment to employees at service in petrol stations and Cooking Gas sales and Delivery Net work. This will bring control on the wrong sales of Gas cylinders to Tea shops or snacks sellers is also true. Gas delivery Boys /employees health is a major concern as a Human act.Their shoulders and hip and back bone will get defects in their old age, which can not be denied by us.

when the oil companies takes the direct sales to consumer than The major out come could be the reduced expenses. so it is very easy to keep the petrol price and diesel price cooking gas at the lowest possible . all hidden cost expenses will be wiped out while this is in operation.

Major result could Many Number of Employment exchange's across the country can offer many employment opportunities to many registered with lowest qualifications. so this is a must. Not to allow few people to grow and earn huge and enjoy comforts from business is must be the policy of the Government.
Let me write the rest of my ideas  in my next post ,provided if this post message is responded by Union Government by B J P.  why because ,all the Existed Government's denied these ideas is my painful feeling

if the above happens than the Union Government can be called as "For the People to the People By the people"  These words will have real value in it's existing in the preamble of our constitution of India.

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Cogress party paid Rupees 5 to vote to people in Tamil Nadu said Anna - DMK President -

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Congress party paid Rupees 5 to vote to people in Tamil Nadu said Anna - DMK President -all People in Tamil Nadu - ANNA said-D M K President was condemning -

But ,Today D M K - a close allied with Congress - No one is permanent enemy in Politics says D M K today !- People are made fools -

Today the same concept followed by Sahard Pawar party at Maharashtra.we must not think that people at Maharashtra can not be exploited.Now the election comes once again. once again people may vote to Sivasena is also an indication that people are fooled. why be cause we are Indians and Maharashtra is also a sate in Union of India.

Mr.Modi commanded that his M.P.'s (334) in parliament has to submit their asset details on date when they stepped in  to this new Loksabha before 30th June 2014. but The responsible  Press and Media in India and abroad did not shown any interest on this critical issue, is shocking!

Mr.Rajagopachari popularly known as Rajaji  ,being a Congress man ,who was the back bone and brain in founding D.K. and D.M.K. to oppose congress in Tamil Nadu. This is a great Blunder by Rajaji is my view. because of this wrong foundation more than 30 years Tamil Nadu forced to be in Dark. No developments except corruption . Except Mr.C.N.Annadurai in D.M.K. others were in corruption charges.

  so we Indians must look for A Good Leader to lead the Nation .

In India Now B J P is the only Political Party lives. Other parties including Communists and Congress party by Mrs Sonia Gandhi were dead or vanished in the Political Map of India.

I can Challenge to say that even Mr.Man Mohan Singh can not revamp the Congress.

Congress Leaders has to sit and to start a New political party for clean India.

Actually in Political Map of India the Opposition to strengthen Democracy is Nill today.

so that Mr.Modi Government is also not working on ex corruption charges and cases on serious manner is also a truth.

Mr.Modi Government is not showing quick results in reducing prices of essentials  which is a need on date.

It looks like, others in Mr.Modi Government, are not not doing supportive roles, in particular Home Ministry looking like on Non Co operation.Looks like Mr.Modi working alone.

for example , why Mr.Modi Government is not strengthening the command on Coastal Guard in International water Frontiers in sea. This is very particular at Indian -  srilankan water frontiers. always Sri Lankan Coastel Guards are catching Indian Fisher Man and boats ,it means Indian Coastal Guard is not functioning. if functioning why the fisherman/boats  are allowed after our frontier?

why Mr.Modi Government is not checking the Fishing Boat's Ownership details. why it is mandatory. Once as per records in India a politician from Tamil Nadu had Huge Number (about 256)of  stream Boats in Calcutta declared  in his assets by his lawyer after his death. 

So we Indians must think and decide to work to find a new Political Leader with a new political party which can truly serve the Nation and people is the Need of this time.

B J P only can not grow India , their must be a strong opposition to strengthen Democracy and to have clean India , to begin  with from Modi Government we must go for a new Political Party is the Need of this time to India and Indians.

 Mr.Modi Government is also continue the policy to to ban Policies and results or products of Ex Government ,is not a right move! is my view.

We Indians did not sold India to Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru Family  , so India is not an asset to Nehru Family people. So it is the right time to congress leaders to declare that they are with the interests in Nation and People progress ,and they are not slaves to any politicians of Congress is to be remembered,so they must come out of Mind Blocks.

 rest of my views in Next post follows.


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