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Friday, October 9, 2009

"Nobel Prize"

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Hi my dear viewer's here is a message letting you know "Nobel Prize". Mr. Barack Obama, my dear friend, you have this award for stopping/avoiding the use of atomic powers against human on earth. Hi, you have saluted to Nobel Prize committee humbly and stated that you may not be suitable but you accept this award because you want to honor and respect the Nobel Prize committee. You have accepted this because this is a honor to America and Americans.

This is a very great status to All Americans because you are the third president got awarded Nobel Prize in the presidential rank. The whole world is proud in watching this wonderful message. My dear Barack Obama, Now this is the time for you to get alert think about your security in line, and method of securities to increase. Please do not disagree on this matter.

Why I am requesting you for this step, there were two segments in people. One segment is about 90% well wishers but the other segment is 10 % dislikes. So the dislikes may try to dig a pit behind you.

Now it is very much necessary to go in precautionary measures for twice or thrice before you do any thing. 

I insist this because, few arrogant, ruthless, and brutal killers claimed lives of all peace monger's /peace lover's. This is the History in this world. So you must be very careful in your personal security measures after accepting this prestigious award.

We last Many Great Leaders because they all demanded peace and love between people.

This is my personal feeling aiming in the welfare of America. You organize America towards growth with the promotion of peace on the earth so all countries and people on earth will also going enjoy the fruitful result in particular in economy and in all sphere's of life. 

All nations must go for increasing their army men, because this is the area where all countries employ huge people and can offer survival. But this must be only for security. Not for any war.

I wish you to have good health at all times to receive many more awards like this. 

My suggestion today:
Police department can be attached to Military department, since no need to have two laws in advocating. Law‘s for army and civil law. Try to make a common law this is the requirement in the present world. My dear leaders /ruler's may please organize for this. Many confusion will be out. 

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bbc world wide

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Hi my dear viewer's and friends and my beloved followers , here this is a video clip from bbc world wide. you can visit this site to see many more amazing but very risky exploration's by this BBc world wide Team. Salute to this team for offering these opportunities for our views.
Thank you,good luck to courageous bbc worldwide team


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